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  1. Yawn You do this all the time, claiming to be on the brink of shutting down due to YouTube or money issues. Guess your fans are too stupid to believe it and don't notice you rollin with like 3 or more different friggin Rolex's. If there's any fake news here, it's your sunburnt pizza face.

  2. It's not just youtube ,social media and the rest of tech is been attacked and accounts deleted and/or frozen with millions of comments removed.Big tech is censoring the world.

  3. Go to Dtube and start letting your viewers know ASAP!!!!!! If people will start getting YouTube and build up Dtube where it’s decentralized then YouTube can just go bankrupt!!! We need to get off This centralized platform, it’s not for the American people!!!!!
    Figure out a backup plan and let your viewers know where they can find you!!!!!!
    President TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!

  4. I saw a video the other day on liveleak, A father of a 4 year old girl proceeded to tie her feet up like a pig and attach the rope to the bumper of his scooter, he then got on said scooter and drove away. This happened in China folks Communist China. You see in that world under State rule life is worth next to nothing. This slide we are on with the Youtube Censorship and the Gun Grabbing is only just a start towards Communism/Marxism/Liberalism/Defeatism. The masses are fools to the slaughter.

  5. Alex is a liar he is actually quitting leaving he know we on to him coincidence after his Trump taking away gun rights alex know it's time to run hahaha foh you garbage Aex

  6. Why is Scammin' Alex advocating you even sending your offspring to The Vatican Debt Slave Indoctrination Camps as their Legal Guardians /Vatican Informants and as Artificial Persons instead of begging you to start raising and teaching your children to be free as real people?

    The Treaty of Peace 1763-1783 … of The Holy Roman Empire … signed by British Monarchy Registered /Claimed (BAR) Qui Tam Attorney John Adams /John Jay and Benjamin Franklin

  8. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11
    9. Or do you not know that the UNrighteous will "NOT" inherit the kingdom of God ?

    Do not be deceived:
    neither the sexually immoral,
    nor fornicators,
    nor idolaters,
    nor adulterers,
    nor homosexuals,
    nor thieves,
    nor sodomites,
    nor covetious,
    nor drunkards,
    nor revilers,
    nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.

    11. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of our Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of God.

    All must REPENT from Sin to enter thy kingdom.
    Jesus Christ is the "Only" way to the Father in Heaven.

  9. If this is true it's about damn time. He's been yelling fire in theaters (essentially) for years. Flat out lying to the brainless right and leading more Americans down a dead end.

  10. And this YouTube thing is all..YouTube trying to stop the pollution of false, outrageous, extreme, ludicrous, paranoiac, and stupid videos from being there to brainwash people who aren’t mentally stable to understand how bad of a crack pot you are. People are lazy and don’t fact check and understand the complexity of situations to make a reasonable determination on your stupid stupid argument. Your have destroyed sooo many lies with these extreme talks. YOU ARE THE ISIS OF AMERICA! ISIS is the extreme of their country and you sir…are the ISIS of our country…a poison…a parasite…infecting our country with your polarized ideas.


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