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  1. The House of Orleans are a French royal family that have ruled over France on and off for centuries and also ruled as Emperors of Brazil. The Orleans family are one of the most sinister and deceptive families among the royal bloodlines in Europe. They hold the title of Dukes of Guise. The word guise usually refers to a disguise or cover for concealment. They have frequently married with the French House of Bourbon and continually held dukedoms in France. The House of Orleans often marry with their cousins also in the House of Orleans. Current members of this wicked family include Prince Henri the Count of Paris, Prince Francois the Count of Clermont, Prince Jean the Duke of Vendome, Prince Eudes the Duke of Angouleme, Prince Robert the Count of La Marche, Prince Louis Philippe, Princess Claude, and Prince Jacques. The House of Orleans owns the New Orleans crime family headed up by mafia boss Joseph Gagliano along with some quiet Marcello crime associates which are involved in disposing of bodies in swamps. The New Orleans crime family are still active today and work with the Gulf Cartel which is owned by the Spanish House of Bourbon and they are cousins of the French House of Orleans. The Gulf Cartel works with South American drug cartels.

    Baron Eric de Rothschild is a British-French banker that manages and partly owns Paris Orleans holding company which was recently renamed Rothschild & Co. in 2015. Eric de Rothschild works as a Court Factor and banker for the Houses of Orleans while other Rothschild bankers of France work for the House of Bonaparte and Aldobrandini family of Rome. France has many billionaires with some working for the Bonaparte, Medici, Savoy, and Bourbon families and others working for the House of Orleans. Martin Bouygues and his brother Olivier Bouygues are worth around 4 billion and are the part owners of Bouygues which is a Paris based industrial conglomerate. The Pinault family are French billionaires worth tens of billions and are part owners of Kering which owns various brands in luxury goods. Gerard Wertheimer and Alain Wertheimer are French billionaires and owners of Chanel each worth about 13 billion. The name Wertheimer is a German name and is likely related to their origins in Wurttemberg, Germany. The House of Orleans are presently married with the House of Wurttemberg with Duke Carl of Wurttemberg married to Princess Diane of Orleans-Braganza. Count Henri of Orleans who died in 1999 was married to Princess Isabelle of Orleans-Braganza.

    The House of Orleans have married in with various high level royalty and nobility like the Savoy, Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Wurttemberg, Wittelsbach, and Ligne families as well as the Portuguese-Brazilian House of Braganza which established the Imperialist House of Orleans-Braganza currently headed up by Prince Luiz of Orleans-Braganza and his brothers Prince Bertrand, Prince Antonio, Prince Ferdinando, and Antonio's son Prince Rafael. Prince Pedro Carlos of Orleans-Braganza and his sons Prince Pedro Thiago and Prince Filipe Rodrigo are also members of the Brazilian imperial family through the Petropolis line of the House of Orleans-Braganza. Jorge Paulo Lemann is a Brazilian-Swiss billionaire worth about 29 billion and is the part the owner of Ambev which merged with the Belgian beer company Interbrew. Prince Antonio of Orleans-Braganza is married to Princess Christine from the Belgian House of Ligne and their son Prince Rafael works for Ambev. They covertly have shares in Ambev and the House of Ligne covertly have shares in Interbrew. Marcel Hermann Telles who is worth about 13 billion and Carlos Alberto Sicupira who is worth about 12 billion are also involved with Ambev and work as court factors for the House of Orleans-Braganza.

    The royal families authorize and finance billionaires through their corporate households and use them for funneling their wealth through for making criminal pay offs which enable organized crime. They use businessmen to monopolize industries. The Marinho family are Brazilian billionaires that own Grupo Globo which is a mass media company. The House of Orleans-Braganza are owners of the Comando Vermelho a large Brazilian crime syndicate formed during the military dictatorship with Emilio Garrastazu Medici as a dictatorial president. Marguerite Louise of Orleans was married to Grand Duke Cosimo III de Medici. Other members of the Orleans-Braganza family include Prince Eudes and his children Prince Luiz Filipe, Princess Ana Luiza, Eudes II, Maria Francisca, Maria Antonia, and Guy. Prince Peter, Prince Alexander, and Prince Philip of Serbia are of the Orleans-Braganza bloodline through their mother and were all born in the United States. The Orleans family of France also established an Orleans-Galliera or Orleans-Bourbon branch with Princess Carla of Orleans-Bourbon, Prince Marc of Orleans-Bourbon which live in the United States and Princess Beatriz of Orleans-Bourbon and Parodi Delfino, Alvaro-Jaime of Orleans-Bourbon and Parodi Delfino, and lastly Alfonso of Orleans-Bourbon and Ferrara-Pignatelli the Duke of Galliera.

    Prince Henri d'Orleans

    Prince Jacques d'Orleans

    Prince Jean d'Orleans

    Prince Robert d'Orleans

    Prince Luiz d'Orleans-Braganzaéans-e-Bragança/5088368990060135774

    Prince Bertrand d'Orleans-Braganzaão-de-Orleans-e-Bragança/5088379803350111264

    Prince Antonio d'Orleans-Braganza

    Prince Rafael d'Orleans-Braganzaântara-de-Orléans-e-Bragança-e-Wittelsbach/5088977586710109072

    Prince Pedro d'Orleans-Braganzaéans-e-Bragança/5088993134880109027

    Prince Ferdinando d'Orleans-Braganzaória,_Duchess_of_Segorbe

    Princess Dona Maria da Glória Henriqueta Dolores Lúcia Miguela Rafaela Gabriela Gonzaga of Orléans-Braganza

    is a descendant of the Brazilian Imperial Family and the second wife of the Duke of Segorbe. She is also the former wife of Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia.[1],_Hereditary_Prince_of_Yugoslavia

    Peter, Hereditary Prince of Yugoslavia

    Prince Philip of Yugoslavia

    Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia


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