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  1. pie was also used with the pyramids of mexico to meaning einstien didnt come up with shit plus when asked how does it feel to he the smartest man he replied with ask tesla so history alot of it is a lie

  2. Your video suggests that the ancient Egyptians could not have done that. Why? Because your science cannot either explain the occurrence or was lill late in finding the science behind how the managed to. I will say, hello!!! They did it and they did it perfect. And yes they knew all your science and more before your Western ancestors were still not even in the making.

    West is not in the center of the technology. In fact it never was. Ancient civilizations were way more advanced than your current one. They knew science that you are still trying to give name to.

  3. fu*kin bs ! you'd rather admit the existence of aliens than to admit that ancient egyptians had science and civilisation ,this is ridiculous , the relations presented between Pi and the pyramids are so forced and don't mean anything , just because something is so brilliant and perfect , you attribute it to freakin aliens ?!

  4. Not true there aren’t aliens there never were and will never be!!! People these days…….🙄. There is a perfect logic evidence to show that the Pharoes built the pyramids 🙄🙄

  5. Those people did not get what they deserved I don't really know if you have heard of the bible but in the old testimate it cleatly says that hebrews and jews were taken into slavery. They did not do that by choice. God cared about them therefore he used his caring heart to make a gravesite through a man. You should have gone to Sunday school

  6. I am from EGYPT and I take Arabic social studies my teacher (MR.Mohemed) told us that it was built by acient Egyptians and he told us they were built to celebrate the birth of King Tod

  7. They're fake friends, trolling me and calling me names does not make them real either it's MIND BLOWN please I ask you look it up/ research/ study them.. You'll flip out cuz I did when I found out! 😬😬😬 Sorry just TIRED OF ALL THE LIE'S ! they're not even close to being thousands of year's old…FOR REAL! Is anything real anymore? 😬😬😬 NOPE all we see shall pass away but GODS word is eternal… NO I didn't find out by the Bible either…I'm asking you to search it out before you gang up on me.. GOD bless you all…peace out. You're in my prayers always. ❤✌ P.S. Everything is FAKE… I'M BEING STRAIGHT WITH YOU ALL, once you study you're gonna find out the very same thing. ✌ Christ Jesus is Lord and King. ❤😊

  8. That is such BS , i have cut stone most of my life, it is impossible to cut irregular shaped stones and have them fit perfectly as these do, and in the time they all agree it was built would mean they would haul 2 million stones hundreds of miles setting one every 2 minutes.  absolutely impossible without some intelligence we don't have now. also why is the interior conductive granite and the bottom and outside insulating limestone ?  also it could not be what they all agree it is, a tomb for some pharaoh, inside no real hieroglyphs,but in the valley of the kings everyone of them has many.


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