Nephilim Giants have been found in many, many places around the world. The Giants were even mentioned in the Bible, ancient texts and in many folklore.



  1. His legs look very strange. Like they r on backwards? I dont know. Looks like an older Mercedes Benz on side of building. I dont think that tall being would fit in it ,at all.
    So, the tall being is with the others. The being seems robotic. Might be a military robot . 🌐🌏🌐🌏👽

  2. Eee at the end his legs eeee that's some kind of frakin nepilim dang they just throwing it to our faces again bible truth men liar eeee, that is scary it was told they would return jeez people don't get it, it's written they would return plus these develish, scientist, are returning them to life which is no soul merciless, Jesus, warn us but be ignore it just give your life to him friend, but have you seen the creature of arising dang it ain't no tree or angel it's a freakin, demon walking, arisona, come on they are merciless human eaters check it out creature in arisona yikes, they real , and Japanese laugh at our faces guess what I examine, that video oh that's wack, first there's too parts there, an actor but hell, no the video or film is real they put lies with real these things are humangus, no way they can't fool me movie actor and real film hm, one has to be blind to not see the , difference, that's nothing, yikes, what you think soldiers are fighting apart from enemies yikes, they are not going to tell us the truth 😒

  3. sorry dear girl it is busted now …… #1-the man in question is standing on the top of the curb next to the street light!#2- the man u compared him to is next to the car …#3 if u look at the curb of the entry of the lot it is on a slope .. !!! now u been showed !!! soeey….i am a beleiver in other species an an type of giants or military made soldiers that r breed to to b tallllll#4 the nephillans i heard of an seen r WAY BIGGER !!!

  4. Fake, edited video then shen recorded it after she fell for the edit. You can tell that the tall soldier is cropped over from another video and placed on there with them one he's wearing completely different camouflage to he's completely blurry compared to the other people we could see facial detailed 3 he doesn't even look like he was moving prior to when that she hit pause so it's a fake video I can't believe she can't tell it's fake video……..

  5. This video has over 600K hits – wtf? First of all, the person wasn't abnormally large, in other words likely not over 7' tall, which is common. Giant skeletons have been found all over the earth, all the way up to >30 feet tall, and giant skulls, and graveyards full of giants. Humans have always had giant genes embedded within the human race. There may also be another type of hominid, other than Sapiens, that share the earth with us. If you look at pictures of ancient Pharaohs, some of them had enlarged skulls. Perhaps this other type of hominid used to rule the earth, and enslaved humans, but then were overthrown a few thousand years ago, the only survivors going underground to evade the slaughter. There, deep under the ground in their secure bases, they have been plotting their return as rulers of the surface, becoming once again: "Lord of the Rings" of the "Middle Earth". The rings represent the UN map: the North Pole is in the middle (middle ring), the south pole (ie: "Antarctica") surrounds the earth, creating a ring magnet. The "middle ring" is where humanity dwells – the "Middle Earth". The energy that emanates from the North Pole, which we call the "Aurora Borealis" is electromagnetic energy that creates our world. Tesla said the earth was an electromagnetic realm, not a physical object, and we are co-creators of our world with our "Creator". We create our world with our thoughts, and our actions which follow our thoughts. Tesla said"God" is in the aether. I've been watching Eric Dubay videos, before considering my theory absurd, I suggest watching them, beginning with his "200 Proofs the Earth is NOT a spinning ball". He also does a video proving dinosaurs never existed, and nuclear bombs don't really work, which may sound crazy, but…watch the videos before passing judgment. My new motto: "Always think for yourself and question your assumptions". They lied to us about virtually EVERYTHING…!

  6. I saw everything right away before you ever explained it. Knew right where you were going. Learning about our life line and why the Bible has 900 year old men in it, David and Goliath was left in the Bible as a puzzle piece for the intellect to find out. And as you just said, there is no fuckin way! Lmao. If you delve into the Annunaki and their history and how they ultimately created the Nephilim is pretty nutts. Puts shit into a crazy perspective.

  7. Yes! I agree! The super soldiers, and the offspring of manipulated DNA is mockingly being displayed right in front of our faces!
    I do like the 2nd video better, though was still impressed with the first with this finding!


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