World Tour Tickets – 2016/17 Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 The Plan To Kill You – David Icke – The United Nations Depopulation Plan The global cabal of U.N….



  1. Most people are more worried about fashion, movie stars, looking rich, sleeping with any person, becoming any person, etc. just disgusting. Starving people in Africa so they overrun Europe.

  2. Thanks for this info and the heart to stand up to a violent power hungry Government,Bankers etc Mr Icke your a Brilliant man. now I have much homework and research to do 😃

  3. So.. kill me. Im coming back as a part of the army of the Lord Jesus Christ and we destroying all the evil men of this world. He's going to strike you all down with the sword of truth.

  4. i knew it had to be a sham once i saw they charge you to take the SATs and if you don't take them you cant go to college.. I'm glad i didn't i see all my friends working the same jobs i can get but now they owe 20 30gs. smh

  5. Why the f*** is everybody clapping when you f**** say the world is in Ruins they need to f**** say put a fist up and say you f**** right we aint going to take it no more I mean I'm just saying because there is this is some Sinister s***and they're clapping 😐 I got to get closer to God

  6. Let's say all this is actually 100% true. Let's say that we ARE going to get culled. Let's say we ARE going to have 1 currency and 1 set of rules to live within and conduct ourselves by. Let's say the wool IS being pulled over our eyes because these 'elite' people think (and accurately so, apparently) we won't be able to accept it.

    Why is it considered 'bad'?


  8. OK, SO umm this just happened to me today but my husband came home from work and suggested we spend some time together and he had heard about a "good" movie everyone is talking about at work and asked me to google it to see if I would be interested. UMMMMMM WTF??? WE NOW HAVE REALITY SHOWS ABOUT KILLING PEOPLE!!! WTF? A new reality show on netflix called "THE PUSH" show how ANYONE can be easily pushed to murder someone else on reality tv. Like, are we watching the Hunger Games irl or ???

  9. "a psychic told him, in 1990, that he had been placed on Earth for a purpose and would begin to receive messages from the spirit world. The following year he announced that he was a "Son of the Godhead"." does that mean this guy is jesus?

  10. Mr Icke have many important points, but not so good to follow up things he is talking about so sometimes things can sounds way to blury. Saying the mercury light bulb is a transmitter? Where in the bulb did you find the transmitter? And the system he is telling us to abstain from makes me wonder what bank does he uses to keep his salary and the fees he charges? Important to have an open mind that not everything is as it seems to be, but many of his arguments sounds more like hypothesis than facts.

  11. I can't understand how 1000 people and counting disliked this video. You don't even have to be an 'Icke fan' to see the facts, it's more than obvious.

    We are doomed.

  12. Beautiful. Awaken people! To people in the U.S. Don't fall for the "gun control" agenda. Do not fall for these false flag events that are orchestrated to disarm you under the guise of safety.

  13. btw mr idiot, Falung Gong practices are not being jailed and tortured because they are new age/spiritual, read about Falung Gong and how its related to China before communism took hold of that country. Jesus Christ how can you be so ignorant and yet so many people listen to you!? How can you see this and say police is rounding spiritual people up in China without activating that part of your brain linked to critical thinking?! In CHINA !! You know, the most spiritual place on earth! And listen to the sheep clapping… omg..

    Dude, you ARE part of the misinformation by the elite, if they didnt knew you were that stupid they wouldnt have let you do these lectures!

  14. Which Way Western Man written in the 1920s by an ex Jesuit Priest. Oh yeah, he was a priest for a decade, learned all this there excommunicated himself (ha ha) and wrote that book. Best book I've ever read. Very, very frightening, because everything he wrote 100 years ago, has come to pass, which legitimized that book. William Gayley Simpson.

  15. So tell me, mr idiot, why has the Syrian war dragged on for 7 bloody years without anyone helping the rebels with anti air weapons taking out the single and only regime advantage? Why is the media absolutely silent about killing and mass deporting hundreds of thousends of civilians mostly children (NOT rebels! children!)? Why is it that the regime used chemical weapons more than once and this clear crime has not been exploited by the boogie world leaders who wanna take the mass murderer Assad down? And please mr idiot enlighten me with your wisdom, since when does military hardware and ammo come in carton boxes with NATO on them? Didnt your little brain do that thing you accuse us, graduated people, of never doing? What is it called again.. ohyeah, BEING SKEPTIC and looking at how ammo/weapons are packed before uploading a photoshopped picture as evidence?

    And while you are oh so afraid of democracy being taken away from your precious country, you are supporting a dicktator and the son of a dicktator in Syria? How fucking hypocrite are you!!!

    And a big L O L at your logic: you want the israelis and the palestines and the americans to rise up against their hierarchy, but when the syrians did rise up against their dicktator, oooooooh nooo… conspiracy alarm! Assad is suddenly the good guy! no hierarchy to be seen here! move along!

    What the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians: GENOCIDE! But when Assad kills 1 million people, destroys the second (Aleppo) and third (Homs) largest cities in Syria and makes 16 million out of a 22 million population bloody refugees, its fiiiiiiine! Assad is the good guy, rebels who are defending their families from this fate are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

    Most of your arguments about the other stuff are B.S. by the way, zero evidence, just some pics that might be photoshopped, and many, MANY, stories about this guy or that lady who told you something and you present it as a fact to other idiots who are clapping after each portion of B.S. you feed m. Not to mention that you are basing alllll this shit on a bloody movie …..!

  16. Read some history on some of these speakers before you buy into all there nonsense. He told the entire world he was the son of the Godhead in 1991, he also claimed publicly the world was going to end in 1997, he also only wore turquoise for several years after speaking with a psychic. He believes in shape shifters, that his Sharkura has been unlocked and he has "special powers". His beliefs are that which would be considered as him being a "antisemitic conspiracy theorist". The problem with people like this is they only got part of the story right, the exaggerate the hell out of small truths embellishing on it and causing more disinformation then actual truth. See for your self.


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