1. This makes absolutely no sense. Entertainment has been a part of human civilization for thousands of years, this isn't recent. The Olympics was among one of the original spectator sports, which was enjoyed by multiple nations. Story-telling and art and music have all existed longer than civilization has existed.

  2. liars seam to hang around in two's on jew tube, if you believe that this man or any other person is here to help you will be shocked when you find out that santa isn't real, if you talk you die fact, cooper is a liar he is still alive and doing better than you, no body talks on their media without a script, we haven't got a hope of getting out of this shit, there is no take over they have always owned this shit hole, they aren't taking over anything, that is the real first step, to wake up and see the liars

  3. Alan is slightly wrong on sports. Back in the day men would play it as a neighborhood hobby, nobody watched because there were really no teams to watch exceot your local blue collar, but there was absolutely no money in it. Children partook as well, but the culture of "sport" was entirely community oriented. Like everything else, the modern theater has corrupted the pure and natural.

  4. Yep….the movie MATRIX is based on a true story; the whole transition from monarchy to "democracy" just open way For the MACHINE to take over through industrialization and modernization of civilization. Thus all our goals,dreams,motivation,ingenuity and creativity. But most important our physical energy must be contained within the parameters that the MACHINE allows. And the ELITE ("royal families") are there to keep the MACHINE alive……it's alive its alive!!!!!

  5. i think that we need to take another serious look at our intelligence and think about it and critizie it.. ..
    one of the only things that stops us from doing that tieme and time again is that of thinking that we are already smarter than we think we are..s

  6. Chapter 3
    Types of Nonlethal Weapons
    The types of NLWs available are limited only by a lack of imagination and money.
    Today, military police today have at their disposal a variety of antipersonnel and
    antimaterial NLWs. The following describes several nonlethal antipersonnel weapons
    under development or already in use, as well as the effects of these weapons:
    Antipersonnel Technology
    • Noise Generator. One acoustic NLW is the noise generator, which emits very low frequency sounds that can incapacitate humans by making them dizzy, vomit, or lose control of their bowels (1:43; 12:28). • Beam Weapons. Beam weapons offer alternatives to bullets. Traditional bullets are replaced with high frequency acoustic beams, which can produce "blunt-object trauma like being hit by a baseball"(l:43).
    • Sticky Foam. Fired from a shoulder-slung dispenser, strings of sticky foam expand on contact and literally stop someone in their tracks, immobilizing them in a gooey mess in a matter of seconds (14:14; 15:6; 29:890). • Aqueous Foam. Aqueous foam is a soapy foam that expands up to 500 times its original volume. It prevents people from seeing, hearing, or moving, thus disorienting and immobilizing them (6:25; 41:11). • Polymer Agents. Polymer agents are adhesives or "superglues" which immobilize; people can be "glued" to objects or to other people (12:28; 13:70). • Calmative Agents. These agents are sleep-inducing drugs mixed with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), to speed up the absorption through the skin by 1000 percent.

    Calmative agents can be dispersed in volume by aircraft (like crop dusting), or by an aerosol spray container (1:40; 21:14). Tear Gas and Mace. Tear gas and mace have been popular since the 1960s and available to military police for years. Tear gas can be made from two different chemicals—chloroacetaphenone (CN) or orthoschlorobenzalmalononitrite (CS). The military usually uses tear gas made from CS, which is launched rather than sprayed. CN is better known as Mace, which is used as a spray. Both of these chemicals are irritants that make the eyes tear. (39:110; 44:21; 43:28). Pepper Spray. Nicknamed "cop in a can," pepper spray has gained great popularity throughout military and civilian police organizations. The ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum, which is found naturally in cayenne or hot peppers. Oleoresin capsicum is an inflammatory agent which causes a much different reaction than the irritants found in mace and tear gas. Pepper
    spray causes the eyes to swell shut versus tear, and the airway to swell. A victim's vision and breathing are impaired to the point they can be controlled. Unlike mace and tear gas, pepper spray is usually more effective on people who are drunk, on drugs, or mentally disturbed (29:892; 31:3; 34:48-49).
    Taser. A Taser is a low-powered hand-held device which can operate up to 15 feet away from a suspect. It runs on a 7.2 volt battery and ".. . fires two dart-like electrodes into the suspect. The darts are connected to the Taser gun by tiny wires" (44:21). When the Taser's trigger is pulled, and the darts connect to someone's skin or clothing, a pulsating current of 50,000 volts is released, causing spasms and eventual immobilization. Stun Gun. A stun gun is a two-pronged, handheld device that delivers a controlled volt of electricity and temporarily incapacitates a person. Stun gun voltage can range anywhere from 90,000-120,000 volts of electricity, but one has to be within arms length of a person in order for it to be used effectively (34:53; 43:28; 44:22). Stun Belts. A recent innovation is the stun belt, an elastic belt used to control prisoners (in court or in transit). The belt is placed around the person's waist with the battery pack situated next
    to the kidney. If the prisoner becomes violent, the stun belt is activated by a handheld transmitter and "zaps the wearer with 50,000 volts of electricity for eight seconds" (16:11). The jolt of electricity is enough to knock a person down and temporarily incapacitate them.
    Smart Guns. Smart guns have been developed at the request of civilian police departments. In a nine-year period (1981-1990), 15 % of all policemen killed in the line of duty had been disarmed and killed with their own guns (15:6; 29:891). One smart gun technology employs a sensor embedded in the firearm which will only "recognize" the handgrip of the gun's owner/user. This safety measure ensures the weapon can only be fired by its authorized user (15:6; 18:41; 31:4; 38:31).
    Rear Air Bag Restraint. Rear air bag restraints were developed at the request of civilian law enforcement organizations to subdue agitated assailants being transported in the rear seat of law enforcement vehicles. The rear air bag is deployed by an officer in the front seat. Because it inflates slowly, the air bag will not crush the aggressive passenger; it immobilizes them in place. The air bag is also air-permeable so there is no danger of the passenger suffocating. This low tech invention will prevent aggressive suspects from kicking out vehicle windows and doors, and trying to escape police custody (15:6; 29:893; 31:2;). Baton. Better known as a policeman's nightstick, the baton is one of the oldest NLWs in existence. Wooden batons still exist, but many companies now offer batons made of lightweight, stronger material such as polycarbonate. Used properly, a baton can immobilize or disarm aggressive persons with minimum physical damage to either the
    officer or the suspect. Used improperly, the baton can result in great injury and even death (34:47; 43:30). Snare Nets. Snare nets, once used to capture animals, are being developed to capture fleeing felons. Launched from a canister attached to a rifle barrel, the snare net opens up over a fleeing target, entangles and temporarily immobilizes them. The nets can be fired from up to 100 feet away, and can be coated with a sticky substance, or electrically charged, to make it even more difficult for a person to run (15:7; 18:41; 31:3). Rubber Bullets. For years, rubber bullets have been used for crowd and riot control, but they are only nonlethal when fired from the appropriate distance. If fired at close range, a rubber bullet will kill; if fired from too great a range, the bullet is ineffective (44:21).
    Lasers. As a NLW, low energy lasers can be used to blind people temporarily, or an infrared laser can heat the skin enough to cause pain but not burn the skin. An argon laser beam has been developed, which when aimed at windows and windshields, turns the glass opaque green. One author claims this weapon could "prevent a high-rise sniper from seeing a target, a driver from speeding away, or a pilot on a suicide mission from aiming a plane at the White House" (14:14). Pulsed Lights. As a NLW, pulsing bright strobe lights temporarily disorient suspects so they can be easily captured (15:7; 18:41; 31:3). Optical Hand Grenades. Optical hand grenades are akin to giant flash bulbs. This device creates such an intense glow it can temporarily blind people up to 30 seconds (14:14).
    Antimaterial Technology
    Antimaterial NLWs also have great potential for use in military and civilian police
    situations. Many antipersonnel NLWs also double as antimaterial NLWs:
    • Supercaustics. Supercaustic chemicals can be more caustic than hydrofluoric acid, and can "eat" vehicle tires, hoses, shoe soles, rooftops, and asphalt road surfaces (12:28; 40:69). • Sticky Foam. Sticky foams are designed to penetrate mechanical parts on vehicles and weapons, immobilizing and rendering them useless. Another type of foam developed hardens once it is dispensed, immobilizing the sprayed object (14:14; 15:6; 29:890). • Lubricants. Chemical lubricants, also known as "slick'ems," are sprayed over pavement, stairs, and other surfaces, to make them so slippery vehicles cannot get any traction or progress anywhere (12:28; 13:69; 40:69). • Metal Embrittlements. Metal embrittlements are liquid chemicals that change and weaken the molecular structure of metal. The chemicals can be fast or slow acting, and can be sprayed or brushed on items such as ships, aircraft, bridges, and vehicles (1:43; 12:28). • Combustion Inhibitors. Combustion
    inhibitors are chemical additives that can be added to a fuel tank to gum it up. These chemical additives gel when mixed into fuel, which prevents the fuel from flowing and stops the engine (1:43; 12:28; 40:69).
    • Auto Arresters. Targeted vehicles receive short pulses of electric current which burn out the electronic parts of a vehicle's ignition. Since only the ignition system is damaged, the driver can maintain control of the vehicle as it coasts to a stop (31:1-2).
    • Vehicle Shrouds. Metallic vehicle shrouds are fired from cannons to ensnare and immobilize vehicles (6:24). • Vehicle Barrier Strips. Police have long needed some kind of device to minimize the dangers of high-speed chases. Barrier strips, equipped with retractable hollow steel spikes, can be placed across roads in advance of the vehicle under pursuit. The hollow spikes are mechanically extended as the targeted vehicle approaches. Once the vehicle runs over the strip, the hollow spikes become embedded in the
    tire, puncturing it and causing a flat vice a blow out.   The vehicle strips are lightweight, reusable, and easily deployed (14:14; 31:2; 34:54).
    Lasers. The same low energy weapons capable of blinding people can also damage and disable the infrared and optical systems used for night vision, tracking, target acquisition, and surveillance (6:25; 9:1; 13:68).

  7. His patriotism blinded him to all the disnfo about UFOs he was being fed

    But he woke up enough towards the end and like it or not he

    is up there with JFK, MLK, Lennon and Marley as GREAT MEN

    Murdered for the power that they had of waking up WHOLE NATIONS

  8. the more time passes, the more Bill Cooper is proven correct and a true patriot.
    he was dead on about Alex Jones, before anyone had any suspicions.

    Watch out for Alan Watt, a spitting image of Alex Jones, except with a Scottish accent.
    He & Alex were best friends and on each other's shows, until Alex was outed.
    Now Mr. Watt has been trying to distance himself, and even calls Alex a "shill'.

    Yet both ferociously deny it's Zionists or Israel.

  9. Between Bill Cooper/Alex Jonestein which of the Two was telling the real truth on their Radio stations and which one's message was much more Dangerous to the powers – that Answer is easy, one is still alive preaching his Hokey Pokery on Air while the other was assassinated by Agents of the State, nuff said..

  10. I am not an Idiot as such but I have spent the majority of my life brain washed. I am in the middle of wanting to wake up but also actually enjoying been asleep. When I look out of my window at the tree blowing in the wind or watch my kids playing in the garden, I think that nothing else really matters because its so beautiful and to me that is what true happiness is all about But then I think about the majority of the world in such horrible circumstances and I feel guilty for what I have got.


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