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  1. i want to know what the dream was!! i have no doubt he was shown something. im shown the future all the time and have the opportunity to warn those near me a lot of what's to come…

  2. Hurrican hitting Usa one after another, The Lord is Just, justice for all the wars and recourses stolen from all over the world. Prais the Lord Halleluja, thank for elected TRUMP, it was the last drop for ur LORD.

  3. Obama's "comment" today made me want to barf! That narcissistic ass thinks he's God, and he alone made the decision to let all these illegal people into our country and give them money meant for us!! Thank God we have President Trump who is honest and follows the law and our Constitution. I love all of you at Infowars for giving us the REAL news and the truth!! Thank you, and God bless you all!!

  4. Two Trump supporters I met have never heard of Alex Jones and I've told them to listen…Everyday you get bigger but remember you can't lose any of the audience…wow what a tricky situation.

  5. I had a dream this a.m. I was on a beach and I really liked it
    there. I didn't know how I got there and kept asking people for
    an address. I kept getting handed pamphlets with three addresses
    but I said I want to know where I'm at here. The beach was fine.
    But across the street there was a huge wave but it was frozen
    {like still frame}. When I awoke I remembed zip code eight zero
    {Las Vegas}.
    NJ begins with a zero. zero eight is along a beach. So maybe upon awaking I got the numbers crossed. I don't know. I hope this wasn't prophetic…

  6. You are right on the money again Alex, whenever I have to face a problem….people are telling me I need to be distracted off the problem! WHAT??! I have learned to grab the problem by the neck & bring it down….see it through! WEIRD!!!

  7. has alex ever been to asia? thailand, vietnam & indonesia are already full of gorgeous, amazing, clean, safe & beautiful places. they don't need more american-style "free" market crony capitalism. talk about freedom-isn't-free – "free market" american-style is not even close to free


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