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  1. Why don't Americans have more kids? Well there's the women's lib thing. Also, illegals are incintivized to have kids by giving $200 of food stamps per child. Also there is the free child birth for illegals. My area in Oregon is flooded with Hispanics who walk around with 3 or 4 kids who appear a year apart from each other.

  2. All of these systems can be proven to exist and are currently in use:

    Weaponized food, weaponized immigration, weaponized energy,weaponized weather,weaponized transportation, weaponized architecture,weaponized genetics,weaponized water, weaponized agriculture, weaponized politics, weaponized law,weaponized medicine, weaponized education, weaponized atmosphere, weaponized media, weaponized economics, weaponized advertising, weaponized appliances, weaponized phones, weaponized regulations too numerous to mention as a partial list but you are an idiot, deluded, paranoid, extremist, racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, conspiracy theorist, if you express concern about being under attack from any of it.

  3. I hope opra wins! This way the American civil war will commence! Survival of the smartest and fittest! Anyone who identifies as an opra supporter or democrat will be stabbed to death or shot dead!

  4. Trump bombed the opiate processing facilities that are flooding our streets with heroine and killing people daily. So, I cannot agree with Ann Coulter on what 'is' happening in Afghanistan.

  5. another cnbc reject econoflunky that's been calling for the big crash since the last 1/2 assed 1.. schiff, rogers, faber & dent have all been wrong for 10 yrs now, i don't know why anyone considers anything they say as 'credible'.

  6. I have passed trainies on the street my whole life, especially on 23rd st in Manhattan, and we're not like San Francisco where you accept everyone, we just used to leave others alone, but I have never passed one whom I did not instinctively think on a gut level, was not quite mad and asking for all types of trouble in life one does not need, in other words they perpetually, ad it were go to the cash machine at 3 am thinking the world will not give them trouble.

  7. The 'thinking' of This OLD FOOL Farber- IS the REASON for the problems today !  His 'thinking' is OVER. He is UNABLE to SEE a WORLD where EVERYONE can THRIVE.   POWER of LOVE will WIN, NOT his OLD way of POWER  OVER others.


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