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  1. "They are going to take your guns" is misleading people. There is NO WAY they can take all the guns. Most 12 yr olds can build a gun. There are so many salted away if they were 100% banned they would be around for centuries. People need to think outside the box on HOW they will go about this. They are going to come in through the back door and do it with laws.
    IMO the AMMO will be treated like Claritin and simular drugs. Severe restrictions on amounts and the prices will be incredibly high. Mag size and firing rates will be extremely limited. Also every firearm will have to be registered. The penalties for unregistered ones will insanely steep.
    So I would not buy MORE guns, but pick a platform and stock up on ammo,parts and if possible learn how to reload which I would learn and buy whats needed NOW.

  2. Does DEMO'n agenda, private US Citizen gun confiscation, end murder once private guns are banned? Does having Mandatory Healthcare Insurance promise perfect health, no more death? Are these church attackers selecting assumed passive target, assuming Sunday church gatherings will be unarmed?

  3. They are always targeting the churchgoers or innocent people …WTF drives them to do that ?
    Religious wars continued. Provocation constantly.If you go to church, a theater, or a concert these days, take your side arms with you . I said it before and I'll say it again , get smart ! It's getting crazier by the day in the USA. Good reporting OWEN .

  4. I don't like this guy Owen why do they think he is a good radio host? It's not easy to be a host most people don't have the right voice his is not quite right, also he's too young to host an entire show. How hard is it to find professional radio people?

  5. Look they did a massive EMP drill this weekend and it's not supposed to end till today other people on YouTube we're calling it out because of every mass shooting that we've had there's been some type of emergency drills I don't believe it's the government I believe it's the Deep State and I believe this dude was antifa but they're not going to tell us .why else would you be wearing all black ? when you go in there to shoot somebody up because you're making a statement with the clothes you're wearing there are only two types of our enemies that are wearing black these days and that's an antifa and Isis

  6. we are subject of outside influences which we cannot understand. . is there anybody who cares? is there anybody listening? what can we do ? when overwhelmingly the humans are uninformed and very ignorant. you may say that love is the answer ! yes love is beautiful. but unfortunately. love has been hijacked and used as a weapon against the humanity. love is psychotic. I'll give you an example what would you do for love?

  7. The question is. What is a government to do to put a stop to this horrific Act. It's the government's responsibility to protect its people. And that even from domestic violence as best as it can.

  8. For the love of God Chipmunk Cheeks Shroyer,  stop saying " folks " every three words. Please take a public speaking course and try to clean up your ametuerish  speaking habits. You're unlistenable to me. Jones should keep you out on the streets where I think you do a better job.

  9. I guess if there is not strong security in a building, you should be allowed to have a hand gun on you, if there is good security, don't let anyone have a gun unless they are part of the security team. As part of a security team, some members of a church could be undercover as well.


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