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  1. Is anyone else worried Alex Jones is now in corporate pockets? His unwavering, unquestioning support of Trump reeks of another Fox News. For the radio.
    Also, Alex Jones went through a messy divorce in the last few years. I just hope to God he wasn't bought out. Also, look at how fancy and "funded" the show seems over the last couple years.

    I hope I'm wrong, I really do. He won't touch some subjects (podesta, etc) except to barely broach them in vague references.

  2. So Alex is really a secret globalist who was actually invited to Bohemian Grove, and that is how he got the video from inside? WOW. That must be the new No. 1 conspiracy theory in the world!!! We are to believe that this is all one big ACT, and we are all a bunch of CHUMPS for getting suckered by him??? Man, if you are so used to seeing that which is fake as real, then I suppose when someone REALLY REAL like Alex comes along, it looks fake to you, because it is opposing your 'reality'. When it gets to the stage that you think EVERYTHING is a conspiracy, then you really ARE in trouble!!!

  3. What the Communist lying media is engaging in is MASS HYPNOSIS. You repeat the same thing over and over again in the same hypnosis-inducing tone until the one being hypnotised comes under your control. They keep talking about culture war because that is exactly the RESULT they desire. You can only be hypnotised if you SURRENDER your will to the one who wishes to gain control over you. Sadly, that is what many people are doing, and they are usually the ones who THINK they are too smart for that.

  4. I know you say people are seeing through the globalist's trying to start a race war. The question is are enough people seeing through it? The attacks just keeps escalating with no sign they will admit defeat.

  5. One out of fifty Americans are Jewish, but one out of three owners of NFL teams are Jewish. For more details, you can read SUPERCLASS written by an American Jew who used to work for Kissinger.

  6. What did they say before the election they were going to have to do, that came out in the Wikileaks emails? Start a culture war. Now the Communist lying media dirtbags are accusing President Trump of trying to start a culture war, the very thing they said they were going to do. WOW. These people are some seriously EVIL SONS OF BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Alex the cake you speak of is divided like you say but in division of profits of government payouts…like the drug industry…whose (private investor, only) stocks are going to be used at a blank check sale…Suddenly Plan A, B, C, J, etc…were created only to divide equally the profits of drug companies and private investors like eli Lilly…where congress and presidents are invested…

  8. That's right Alex you daily report (Passively protest) against the establishment and for money like the NFL…yet demand the people not violently, and now to not passively protest (the only way) without violence, against the very same establishment….Passive protesting began with blacks rolling into a ball, protect their heads and take the beatings…where change took from 1776 to the late 1960s…It should not have taken that long…what does that tell you…a choke hold is never removed until another more modified choke hold is in place…Hillary, Bill, Comey, Wasserman, Mueller, FBI, CIA, etc. Reflect the biggest representation of that flag and songs…So now you put your hands on your heart and sing anthems in pure acceptation…Both medias have become blurred…Or…Clear…If Trump would prosecute the above listed he would have earned the respect at ending all passive protesting…Until then he's the growing tadpole in the same swamp…

  9. How come these Leftists are happy to defend free speech under the 1st amendment, but complain when Pres. Trump exercises his right, and they are all out to ban free speech when opinions are against theirs. Has anybody noticed, , that since this BS took to the main number 1 topic in news, Hillary, Comey, Russia crap and corruption investigations have been almost non existent., as when the bathroom gender bologna surfaced the same time as DNC corruption, and the state of the economy  was announced. Smoke and mirrors.

  10. If our comments are being censored it is because they are SCARED of what we have to say! If they are scared that means we are WINNING, and all it does is put MORE WIND IN OUR SAILS!!! It is like with lifting weights – if you never put more weight on the bar your muscles will never have to adapt, but the more weight or 'pressure' your muscles have to adapt to THE STRONGER YOU GET!!!!


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