Alex Jones gives his first impression review of the self-congratulatory, phony, Hollywood award ceremony. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help…



  1. "It's a lot funnier from my perspective."


    Keep going Paul, Alex, Dr….all of yourselves.

    orders my Biome Probiotic….Can't wait.

    I love science and Infowars!

    Away with the people of falsehood, the mockers.

    God Bless the people of Truth.

  2. Hollywood must start thinking, NOW!! The tide is turning. Of course, the left agenda is going to die. Because of the digitlisation and the robots, that will work for us. So, the economy doesnt need employees, women dont need to work and can care for their children. People will have more time to live their traditions. The conservative way of life will rise again. Marxism and communism is getting out of fashion, folks.

  3. check out the ears of the woman in the background, black dress, giant keebler elf ears , about ten minutes in…, black dress, sitting next to an old dude…, just saying, does that look normal

  4. Oprah is simply a worst badest mom role model to all women and females on planet earth and beyond. We don't hate you Oprah, but we hate that which you stand for. The motive of that evil agenda

  5. Oprah Winfrey, as long as we believers are still on earth and interceding for the will of God for America to manifest , you aint gonna be US President in 2020. It is God's ultimate decision to decide. its clearly u dont stand for the interest of the Christian values

  6. Thumbs up if you can't remember the last time you watched an entire movie or TV show. I honestly can't remember… I mean it hasn't been that long, maybe 2-3 months, but over the past year I'm definitely under 20 hours. I'm just sick of their propaganda and lies.

  7. And before us stands the new Hillary, Oprah for prison.these people make me so SICK !!!. Go to your local Walmart fill your cart with their trash films and one by one throw them in the trash, such victims in that room.Dave at 51.

  8. Is it me,but does anybody see the evil pitchfork behind Globpra? It all tells you who she works for! Did anybody noticed how all these people was in a witchcraft spell as she lied,and omitted the truth…? YIKES!


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