Machu Picchu is a well-preserved ruins in Peru. The Incas built the city in the 15th Century in 2360 meters altitude on a mountain ridge between the peaks of Huayna Picchu, the mountain of…



  1. Why don't they read the bible for the answer instead of wasting million of tax payers dollars on this? That technology was brought by fallen angels, not aliens! Read Genesis 6 and the book of Enoch.

  2. There is no proof that the Incas built these structures.
    With such highly skilled stone work, it could have taken many year's too build.
    Look no further perhaps an advanced technology.
    There is always an answer, it just depends, if you seek the truth or not?

  3. I hate when people say extraterrestrials don't exist.  They are saying this only because they are stupid enough to repeat what other people say.  And still, they don't even know enough to say weather they think it's real or not.

  4. granite is easy to cut today . And only a small part of the ruins used such nicely cut stones . the rest are just well fitted natural stones in which none can be carbon dated. 

  5. i see 2 styles of cut stone that are multi shaped then there are the orderly cut and assembled parts of the city and water is important possibly part of the masonry requirement in the  cutting of these granite rock pieces

  6. no language, no measurements, no tools…. work it out people for fuck sake !!! numbers don't lie, the amount of galaxies/stars/planets within our universe + the age of all these things = large possibility of far advanced civilizations having settled here on earth prior to our existence….look at the stone work, no mortar, perfect angles/edges. youv all been brainwashed by this worlds powers…not me, im free…open your mind.

  7. Well researched and well recorded video. Congratulations on your knowledge and your beautiful explained film..I do like the History of Incas…Very special time in a History. It amazes me always when I hear about them…Thank you…Zuzanna


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