Resolving The Fermi Paradox: They MUST be out there, why don’t we see them? Star Trek Prime Directive: Observer Interference and Why Aliens Would…



  1. The megalithic structures like the pyramids were built by a prehistoric pre-cataclysmic global civilization for which all knowledge is lost leaving nothing but stone and myth.

    Review the work of Christopher Dunn who has written a book called the Giza Power Plant. The pyramids were machines, not tombs. Tesla was attempting to replicate this technology.

    If this is a topic you're interested in pursuing you should also watch The Pyramid Code on Netflix or this documentary:

  2. DNA keeps being brought up in order to prove or solve the, are "we" or the royal family aliens/ have mixed DNA ?- but isn't that sorta moot as if we DID as in, our origins were similar to the Prometheus idea or anything similar DNA testing wouldn't do you much good without a "control" which wouldn't exist if ALL humans had alien dna, everything would just check out as what we know to be our dna?

  3. Dude I couldn't even make it through the first 3 minutes of your video because all I could get out of it is a bunch of "ahh" and "uummmm" and stuttering. It's called editing please do your viewers a favor and save then a solid 20 mins of "uuuummmmms" and "aaaaaaahs". Damn that was painful. I mean you could have made up for it if you were easy on the eyes bit unfortunately not everyone was blessed with good looks so make it easier on yourself and everyone else and brush up on your speaking. Thanks,


  4. This video is fairly non biased! As a HATER of unconditional ancient alien believers, i quite enjoyed this. The presenter speaks about the fringe topics however he always points out that they are unproven and only theories. He doesnt even seem to imply that anything beyond real science has taken place in such fringe stories. A truly scientific approach. Awesome. Love the topics and the scientific approach rather than the pathetic blind belief in alien intervention. This will be the show of choic

  5. Man your show sucks and you are so unorganized I had to turn your stuttering dumb ass off after 30 seconds I wanted to stab myself in the brain with a dull butter knife listening to your stupid ass after 10 seconds into your show you don't know what your talking about and sounds like your guessing and pulling straws out your ass and not the air 20 thumbs down for your stupid ass and stupid ass show I don't know how you got anyone creditable on your show !!!!

  6. Alien Scientist, At minute 40 to 47 you talk of neodymium and its use  in magnetic field on rotating objects for propulsion, This is exactly what John Searl does with his Searl Effect Generator. I have said on comments before you should look at his work, he has proven some of his work scientifically already on imprinting magnetic fields and other stuff. Check it out.

  7. If youre going to knock Tsoukalos atleast get youre facts straight. No one said Aliens built the pyramids.. not once! 

    also, your like a drunken slop leaning all over speaking like youre stoned, get with it man, youre not good at this at all! what a waste of time lol. 


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