Mandela Effect & Ancient Aliens from the Future Corey Goode. New Living Expo 2017.



  1. We are on the verge of conscious Unity where deception becomes impossible light and sound come together to make matter or anything you need then technology becomes based in light

  2. With all due love…
    Milab, giant blue chickens, Nazi Antarctic UFO bases, Time traveling super soldiers who have their ages reversed, Pandolfi's portals are …..

    …..ALL ….


    Nutcakes & profiteers damage this crucial field at THE CRITICAL MOMENT in human history!!!

    Shame on the nutcakes, profiteers & Government disinformation agents!

    I know because I'm a REAL experiencer!!!!

  3. At about 41 minutes in (to paraphrase): "We have a 3-year window. The next 3 years are critical. We must all do our part to help raise mass consciousness. Some of us can do this through creative works."

  4. Would it be okay if I would put this on my T-shirt
    ( SBA )
    I like it alot & I would love to print up alot of t-shirts and pass them out. 2/3/18
    Sherrl Smith of Lansing Michigan

  5. I'm now 66-years old and I can remember when Mr.Mandela went to prison in Africa as it was world news and yes he really did die inside prison after a very long time had gone by, and that made world news again. Then just a few years ago I had heard that he was finally released and free to go home and he had spent his youth behind bars. He had total white hair and had aged 45 years at least. I actually viewed the news broadcast on tv when that news report was made and I saw his release and everyone celebrated and responded positively the day he was freed. I thought the news reports had made a big mistake because I remembed he had died in jail. This is only one of many weird anomalies that has changed because of the changed time lines.

  6. I need help, I had a mission till I was weakened very bad, to the point I'm not able to save my children on earth. I will keep fighting with cancer or not. Thank you for your info.

  7. We are not the ones who are not loving and serving to others – the Asshats at the helm are! Your message to be taken authentically, should be conveyed where it's needed most to be heard Corey! The "Avians" should appear before them and I promise if they're (the Avians) the real deal- those dudes will snap out of it!! If the Avians can reach out to you they can reach out to Evelyn de Rothschild! I'd love to think you were communicating with Ra, but I'm worried and my intuition is usually spot on, so what's up? Something feels off here, I'm sorry but I can't get behind anything that doesn't resonate deeply within my heart! While I feel you may be well intended, I fear you are being misled to a certain degree. We do not need nukes when we have directed energy weapons Corey- this I heard from my own uncle an astrophysicist who worked for Lockheed, JPL, etc., back in 2010!!! Check it out for yourselves, Hal Pergament, Propulsion Science, ltd.i feel it's archonic and not authentic, like " be more docile and gullible people, that will surely help you get out of this reptilian's clutches! Nope, nada, zilch! Isn't resonating. 🙁

  8. Judging by the comments in Cosmic Disclosure on the Gaia site people are asking Corey direct questions, asking for more detailed explanations and pointing out in the forum (what people have been saying for years now ) that Corey repeats himself continuously, he talks slow and doesn't actually reveal much in retrospect. The New Age community is easy to manipulate and I really can't knock Corey for taking advantage of it/them. Exploit it and profit from it. It's on them that they are none the wiser. It's not right but hey, I get it.

  9. Is it me…or does anyone else notice the anti Semitic slant towards the mandella effect new names and trade marks ie Berenstein vs Berenstain…Haas avocado vs Hass avacado…Meyer vs Mayer and also anti Christian changes to the bible ie the lion and the lamb vs the wolf and the lion etc…how can something as random as a temporal reality shift…which seems like as good an explanation as you can get…have an agenda toward evil or the negative

  10. This format is the best way of stimulating our imaginations & giving us straight forward answers, thus far. You have had such an abundance of information using words & phrases I have never understood.This has caused me to ignore the rest of one of your forums. Then later when I hear these words & phrases, I’m frustrated. I’m still not clear about who we need to ignore ~ beyond the obvious, & who we need to be in our lives. Or what we need to stay away from or what we should be doing to feel this awakening & ascension! I know this mission you’re on is hard for you to explain in order for us to have an ~ ah ha! moment. What do you advise me to do in understanding? I’m disabled from Lupus, experiencing pain physically & spiritually, spending a lot of time alone, gone through the worst situations in my life since 2012 & have fear in me & around me. Now that I know what the Mandela Effect is, I have just recently believed that my Dr took a blood test from me last month. I remember particular mental thoughts about it in a certain personal way which gave me validation that it happened. However, when I asked my Dr about the results of my test the following month, my Dr. had to convince me that I never had this blood test. I’ve never been so determined that I had that blood test! This scares me. Can you advise me what I should do to remove this fear I have embedded in me? I’ve always been an active, healthy go-getter in life until my life experienced traumatic turmoil & pain from 2012 on, which feels as if it’s partially due to my consciousness from childhood adversity that seems so prominent now. My present difficulties can’t all be due to ‘my aging’ process, as I’m getting from others. I know I’ve always been a highly spiritual intuitive person. I’m now an empath more than ever! I know I have a mission. I strongly believe this, but I don’t know what it is! And now I’m 60 yrs old with a desire for a plan or a path! Whatever my mission is, I feel it will now be compromised by my pain/disabilities. I feel very unbalanced. I have lost friends, family & significant people in life. I used to love to take on challenges. Now any challenges are fearful. This personality change is very confusing & confounding! I’m also very conscious of other people’s low vibrations, especially negative attitudes! Are these changes in me due to a part of my awakening?

  11. You're wrong about the Annunaki, archons, and demonics etc. They're quite real indeed. The shadow archontic parasites/flyers of castaneda control the annunaki that fell and created these beings out of their own fear, annunaki control draconics, dracs control reptilians, reptilians control greys (greys as a species, greys as robots, greys as meat suits for travel). Seems you're intentionally being withheld from certain truths…maybe to protect you while you went public. -OrionRa/Tas Mikagal

  12. All this Mandela effect is are people buying into the government messing with their mind. If you go back to the days when we allowed diplomatic immunity to the Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun and others we wanted their rocket technology but also Project Paperclip which is about mind control and also project monarch. Look it up you will find it very enlightening they are just trying to mess with people's minds on a mass scale for their global agenda NWO. We all have false memories they're just trying to play that against you and get you to doubt yourself to get inside your mind. Part of the Great deception not all but part of it. They want people to have a hive mentality so they can control them it's all part of the game. Trust Jesus give your life to him confess your sins and you shall be saved.

  13. I can't deal with how little is known! People just go google Nelson Mandela. He was my president from 1994 till 1998. Released from prison in 1990. Where did you get your facts?

  14. You then, can tell me WHY George Lucas, who IS 'Darth Vader,' is always saying, "I'm SORRRYYY," to me, while WE all 'fix' their Light-Time curse of dark-evil, FOR THEM. ( i remember everything you mention, except the 'dash' in kit kat candy bars, & don't recall B-Bears, AT ALL ! ! ! lol…♡) & if the buckingham-duchess, would stop poke-stabbing my brain to awake me at 4am every morning, i'd be A LOT HAPPIER… LOOK, they TOOK A 'Material Immortality' CURSE ! ! ! They SHOWED IT TO ME ! AND I WAS APPALLED THEY DIDN'T KNOW OR CARE IT WAS EEEVVVIIILLL ! ! ! WE, are being FORCED to stop their 'curse-fears' FOR THEM, by passing it all thru our HUMAN-consciousnesses… o' well.

  15. Someone seing me walking to the kitchen…while actually I weren't..odd…someone seing me passing through the garden through window..but actually I were not…is that mandela effect..

  16. I started having downloads 25 years ago and 15 years ago orbs moved into my life. Now I cant take pics without orbs in them. Beautiful fluffy blue or white or golden orbs. And a lifetime or metaphysical experiences since I was a child. Like out of body. By location. Lucid dreams. Insane synchronicities. Precognition. Direct and indirect communication. Etc. etc. etc. They are always here. And I designated my home a sanctuary. A safe zone. I was surprised that your grandfather was a seventh day adventist. My grandfather Jan Gajan – was the president of the Seventh Day Adventist Conference in Slovakia and my uncle (Uncle Zigmund) was the president of the SDA conference for all of Czechoslovakia. Both of them were incarcerated and tortured and experimented on. My other grandfather had an SDA church in his house. He was a builder and he built it as a church. Point is – the spiritual reality was my reality and I never felt a part of this world. I was so open – so transparent – so trusting and I got so gutted by negative evil people as a result. I spent my childhood mostly alone wandering through the carpathian mountains of slovakia – walking and talking with my invisible friends. Angels I thought. (I spent much of my childhood with my grandparents who lived in the woods and let me go anywhere I pleased unsupervised and if it werent for my companions I would not have survived that much freedom since I was well – way before kindergarten age) Point is i have had the same downloads (always referred to them as downloads) you are talking about and the many of the same experiences but under far more difficult circumstances – life and death stuff. Not fun. Countless initiations by fire. Rebirth. Etc. Hmmm. Wish there was a way I could speak with you directly. Anyway just wanted to thank you for putting the information out there. My "difficult" circumstances have prevented me from doing so. It is interesting to think that we may have been contacted by the same group of beings. lol I just called mine "the demons" in jest lol or not. Not that there was anything negative about them although I did have a black djinn paralyze me one time that was connected to a brass statue of a garuda bird that held ashes ( human I thought and I reasoned it was used for ritual magic) the statue called to me to come and get it ( it was an estate sale full of uniusual old artifacts) I was driving home late one evening from my shift at the hospital in Victoria on Vancouver island and it had me pull off the road bout 8ish into the mall where the kiosk with the estate sale was being held and I walked in picked it up and put a deposit on it to hold it till my boyfriend could buy it for me for christmas. Apparently it did not want me to buy it – had to be a gift. But it poses me for a month before I did an invocation and called it out which is when it manifested and paralyzed me. the battle lasted – seemed eternity but reciting the lords prayer and my belief at the time in the power of the recitation beat it back. It was the next day when broke the brick plug on the bottom of the brass statue I saw ashes fall out of the bottom. I buried them behind the mansion I was renting on the malahat at the time and put the statue in a running stream for 3 days. the statue is dead now but when I use to drive past the old mansion after I moved out, I would get three knocks on the hood of my trunk. Like the song goes. Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me. He is still waiting for me there. But I have a full house here even though I live alone. OK I could write a book but just wanted to say thank you. Just for letting me know I am not alone. And giving a name to these guys. I love them. They know I love them. And I dare not count how many times my life was saved by unseen forces. To this day.

  17. Could the number involved in the "100th monkey effect" be the same as what was discovered in the mass meditations to stop the terrorist attacks? Per research found by Gregg Braden and Heart Math Institute, that magic number is the square root of 1% of the given population. Multiply the world population by that formula and you have your answer (I would think).


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