Ancient Aliens part 3 (Mayan artifacts from(near) Guatemala),One of the pyramid in the Maya city of Calakmul in Campeche, footprint from Africa, alien …



  1. Queste sono prove, testimonianze del contatto alieno con il popolo della terra da millenni loro sono qui ,i governi collusi con razze poco amichevoli con gli umani ,parlino la verità è ormai saputa da molti .Salute w.V.pisa

  2. Well interesting…
    But to be honest with you in one day i heard talking among themselves…:"It is all ready…we have all the artefacts we need to pretend the Legacy.."

  3. next they should show us excavations of the pyramids and face on the mars as well as ruins on mars  and the moon.

    N.A.S.A   ==>>  Never A Straight  Answer

  4. >>Cont'd …I also believe the Ancient Aliens theme has smothered alot of the credibility of these claims no matter how much evidence you supply…New minds brought in by these titles will veer towards the facility of the A.A culture and become complacent to future claims of this genre regardless of their potential impact, due to the weakened trust in the brand of 'aliens'! I firmly believe our ancestors were highly capable with just a few molecular 'tweaks' either way..from our present state.

  5. I know sir, I've been there! I also agree that Thoth built, atleast the 'great pyramid' and and he also would have been responsible for many others including Teotihuacan(as Quetzlquatl), which I've also visited with alot more supporting evidence, however.. The pyramids at Teotihuacan have been revamped by 'lesser' consciousness 'able' entities because they lack the fundamental skillset involved in finishing the other structures bearing his bulilding signature. >>>>>

  6. DISCOVERY OF ANCIENT MAYAN ARCHEOLOGICAL TREASURES OF AN EPOCH WHEN EXTRATERRESTRIAL CIVILIZATIONS WHERE PRESENT ON EARTH – This collection has remained sequestered & kept under secret until this year, when the Guatemala government has decided to reveal it's existence to the world !

  7. If you have nothing intelligent to contribute, just shut up. We are all grown ups here we know this is real and we know who are those that are trying to hide all truths in this world!

  8. Son muestras claras de la relacion entre los hongos magicos y el estado de conciencia que te conecta con inteligencias cosmicas y al mismo tiempo nos marcan la evolución de nuestra especie al regresar a lo original. Solo eso… Nosotros somos los aliens.

  9. I agree sometimes…but to be safe. Do your own rersearch, if it's worth it to you. I was interested so I went to UK, Egypt, and 5 provinces in South Africa! Found some 'on site' answers for myself… I'll be heading to Peru, Bolivia etc.. in December! – No,I didn't just go to these places solely for this type of thing, but I did alot of 'digging' while I was there- Or just find more videos or books on the topic, though I truly believe some of it's for 'fantasy' profit! -No, the gov't would not!

  10. Why wouldn't there be giants long ago? Everything else was giant so why not humans. And maybe it has happen more then just once & that is why there no write history, because the earth turns it self over to restart new. Our legends say Glooscap will return and I found it interesting that it was 12-10,000 years ago in our oral history.

  11. I agree, current evidence suggests that the farther vve go back in history the more advanced the culture. it appears that humans have gone thru a de-evolutionary phase and and then an evolutionary phase. this suggests that some advanced knovvledge has either been lost or intentionally hidden. if vve vvere once capable of harnessing an infinite amount of energy that vvould empovver the people as individuals, that vvould be a very good reason to keep secrets.

  12. The fact that they vvere discovered in a cave tells me that they vvere being hidden from the public and probably vvere never meant to be found. If they are in fact genuine then vve really need to rethink our past and vvho vve really are.

  13. this can be a hoax brother, i mean wheres the formal investigation, who discovered this pieces what c14 test inform? how old are those pieces? if this were real you think the goverment would let us know? cmon i think its a hoax from someone who wants money and fame the ol same history

  14. @charlespontoon I couldn't agree more with you! We are in total blindness from the 'formal' establishment… It is our task to find out our origins and as one told, everything is around us, just seek (for knowledge) and it would be given…. As long as we know how to 'see'.


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