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  1. I loved this. Thank you.

    I kinda expected you to include something I remembered reading about purple eyes. But then I realized it wasn't specifically alien related. I don't know if you've ever come across it but as you may know true purple eyes aren't possible. It's a trick of the light and surrounding colours. However there is a legend that I think was about Alexandria or something about a flash of light that turned everyone's eyes purple. I've tried to find a root for something similar in asoiaf but nothing really stands out. I know it isn't specifically alien, but I've always felt it fit in the category.

  2. ASOIAF has only shown us wyvrens, wyverns have 5 limbs, 2 legs, 2 wings, & 1 tail, no arms. Dragons have 7 limbs two Arms, two wings, 2 legs, and one tail. What we are shown in the TV show is a wyvern.

  3. ASOIAF being Sci Fi is basically cannon for me after reading other GRRM works. Wonderful video connecting it to real world stories. In Australia, indigenous people who have been here for over 40,000 years believe the rainbow serpent created the World. Another serpent story ❤

  4. How did you know about the family relationship of American presidents? That was impressive. Not only your analysis of ASoIaF is always delightful, but you add so much side-knowledge too!
    I don't know if GRRM thought about all that you are saying, but at least it show how deep his novel and his imagination are! For so many people to come with so many analysis of all sorts is just amazing.
    And of course you are the very best, as ever. 😉

  5. I'm onvinced, the Targaryans are aliens! WE MUIST KILL THEM ALL! Also I bet ser Pounce is actually a targyarnan too, I think that one of the targaryans birthed a cat from too much song and wine.

  6. The emperor God who ruled the empire of the new dawn is debatably Targaryen/Valerian. David icke would be proud of you mentioning the moon egg story LOL. LML is a true master of symbolism everyone should be watching his channel

  7. The world of ice&fire made is sound as if brother/sister unions were the custom in valyria among the dragon ridding families …. if the intent was to keep the “blood of the dragon” pure it seems they should have operated like the classic aristocracy by intermarrying each other, not immediate family only. In Eygpt the pharaohs family exclusively was considered devine ( as far as i know) but valyria was a “ free hold” where the families constantly jockied for position among themselves in a kind of republic with their status in constant flux .
    If they were all dragon riders why was it important to keep it in their own family ?

  8. What's up with that oily black stone? I know that they came from Asshai but there are other places with oily black stone. The seastone chair 4 example.

  9. Oh Gemma, you neva let me down! Ancient Aliens was one of my favorites shows, you know, before YT, Netflix and Hulu came along … this is a fascinating subject.
    Suddenly I have an urge of going back to reading greek mythology !👍🏻👏🏻🤗🤯

  10. Westeros is one ringworld built by a precursor alien race.

    This precursor alien race either disappeared or abandoned the system, causing disarray in the maintenance of the ring-world. As a result, over time the orbit of the ring-world greatly deprecated, becoming more and more eccentric, causing long periods or Summer and Winter.

    The time span of these mega-seasons will only get longer and longer as the orbit of the ring-wold becomes more and more eccentric, thanks to the added acceleration it will catch with its ever shifting periapsis.

    BTW It would be an epic trolling if GRRM ends the series with an advanced Human space federation landing on Westeros to reclaim its long-lost colony "The Mote in God's Eye" style lol!!!


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