The nine Gods of Ancient Egyptian and Mayan. Actually ancient Egyptian writings very often talk of beings from the sky, the sky opening and bright lights coming down to teach them technology…



  1. I believe there is no heaven or hell no reward or punishment. Only the gift of existence. And the souls passion to experience. God only creates life both evil and good, god is the engine that relys on a negative and positive rotation, just my thought.
    Then this one…why ponder about death. When it's always around a corner when we can focus on mastering the moment of self.

  2. Easily put . The council of nine is at the doorstep of God hood therefore they must elevate worlds to become the gods they sought ought to be in the first place. Sound familiar this is exactly our purpose. The great awakening is upon us


    OH FOR HEAVEN SAKES, these so called gods are none other than the Nordic Aryan Alien "Fallen Elohim Watchers" who are the enemy of mankind. How naive or programmed people are not to make the connections. These evil beings appear to visit earth every time mankind developed technologically enough to build bombs that would destroy their underground bases.

    This is also a time when mankind falls under their spell and allows themselves to be mind gamed by these demonic beings. In every cast, where mankind has become extinct, the earth appears to have been at it's most highly developed stage when the earth experiences a great cataclysm while these evil beings participate from the heavens in mans destruction. The human race then has to start from scratch again.

    This time why don't we see that our governments are in bed with them again and put a stop to what is going on. If we fall for the con game again we will wind up yet another highly developed race that once lived on earth until the gods destroyed them in a cataclysmic event that included war from the heavens.

    Far to many people today on the History Channel, Ancient Alien show etc., are promoting these entities as the gods who created mankind in stead of the aliens who artificially inseminated, cloned and raped earth men and woman in order to create the alien human hybrid races.



  4. Thank you, The Ancients did their best to leave us with important truths and we have done our best to destroy/dispute it.  We see the "eagle' war god so in evidence around the globe (30 million+ acres in us military bases) What beautiful things nature could do with that land!! This black jesuit pope is now acknowledging this previously disputed knowledge which can no longer be denied .. we are indeed, lliving in interesting times!!

  5. On reflection, the Caucasian account of his devious sleight of hand " from the Bible to the aliens." They shall soon find themselves boxed in a corner. Time is running out for the perpetual history stealers.

  6. Bullocks. First off why believe this person's opinion when the text through out this entire program is borderline retarded, can't even type in a way that makes sense. I was lost not even half way into the video trying to understand his way of explaining his point. ALSO YES, the BIBLE speaks of "sky people" if thats what you'd like to call them. PEOPLE, before you talk shit about the Bible, READ IT and read it good so you understand what it says. Don't be an idiot and google things about it. You want to LEARN? FUCKING READ.

  7. Christianity does indeed tell of visitors from the skies:  
    Genesis 6: 'When man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose…The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.'

    It doesn't end well for the rebellious angels or their half human Nephilim offspring.

    God sends a flood and wipes out all life on Earth that has become completely corrupt.  As for the angels, the New Testament tells us what happened to them.   'And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgement of the great day.' (Book of Jude)

    Whether you believe the Bible version or the Aliens version is up to you, but that is what the Bible has to say on the matter.

  8. At one time in the Earth's History, Watcher Angels were dispatched from the Kingdom of Heaven.  They were neither born, nor the product of offspring, rather they were perfect human form, created by God himself, including all facets of the human form.  These watcher angels were sent to bring mankind knowledge and wisdom.  Due to the Fall in the Garden of Eden, when mankind sinned, all knowledge and wisdom was tarnished.  These angels taught mankind many things, but were supposed to adhere to strict guidelines while on the Earth.  Some disobeyed their guidelines and took for themselves their own Kingdoms and also took for themselves wives, of which they were not allowed.   God sternly instructed that if they were to take part in these actions, that they were to be removed from his Heavenly Kingdom.   So many of the Watcher Angels spread out amongst the territories of the Earth, creating for themselves Kingdoms amongst Humanity.   They took on the form of Gods and willing participated in seducing the people into believing they were just that.  They revealed all kinds of knowledge, even most that was forbidden, such as the making of weapons, the production of cosmetics, the practice of sorcery and so on.  When they produced offspring, their kin became that which we know to be the Giants of the Earth.   When these Watcher Angels, and kin off spring eventually succumbed to death, as all beings do because sin had entered the earth (and sin brings death) their souls were tied in with the Kingdom of Darkness and within Satan's Kingdom, and to this day are part of the Fallen Angels and Demons within Hell.   The Good news is that the Most High ( known as 'The Word' in Heaven prior to his birth upon Earth) had come to Earth to bring us back unto Heaven, and bring us wisdom and knowledge that only God The Father can offer.  His name is Yeshua HaMashiach or Jesus, and he is the highest of All Creation, chosen by God The Father, to be the atonement for sin.  So that by him, we may be sinless and have the gift of eternal life within the Fathers Kingdom.  

  9. In ancient time people take for granted that they who arrived from heaven were also gods in their view. Among them may have had also evil gods? Thus, we have a lot of stories about gods fighting among themselves. These stories or really reportage has been written and reported by word of mouth for thousands of years.

  10. Why schools don't teach this? Why those asshole illuminati scumbags are still in power? I fucking hate those evil assholes, who destroy this earth! If nsa or something is reading this, i'm telling you that some day, people will wake up, they will stand up and torture all of you greedy old ugly fucking devil worshipping illuminati scumbags! Fuck you all you will all burn in hell you piece of shits!!!


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