By – This interview with Michael Tellinger was done from on April 16, 2013. Conducted from San Diego, California with Michael in South Africa. We talk about everything…



  1. Thanks Mo and Michael. Just found this one. Amazing. There is a guy on Utube could 'Wise Up' . He theorises that everything has been built and what we see as Megaliths is just the top of hidden cities. The buildings look like concrete and rebar. Very compelling photos of many sites. It would explain Michael's giant footprint. Also a good site called Mud fossils. All a bit out there and only for freedom fighters, not the skeptics.

  2. WOW. so many, so negative…of course he can't explain the footprint and many other things he has noticed. can anyone explain the mystery of life? Sure we may not understand these miracles of creation not only of ourselves but also of mother earth. If there's one thing I have learned in all my years.. Nothing is impossible!!!. look around.. open your minds. your holding the impossible 50 years ago. your phone.. Share the Goodness, Greg Akrey

  3. the infortunate truths my friends is that wen its proven literally in stone you dont get the option to say "i dont believe….." "he's lying…." "this is b.s……" unless your talking about and living on the river in egypt and from deep south. become awakened makes me sick to my stomach, it's not an awakening, its reality. proven facts! you dont get a choice people! its learning the truth from facts ladies and gentlemen. it sucks! but that dosnt meen you can just decide too not believe in the existance of hostess ding-dongs. because it meens almost all we were "taught" is a lie and we have to rethink life.

  4. The rock foot print was formed the way he states at the beginning of this video. The reason why the footprint was formed is likely due to the closing of an Age. There were giants and giant trees now fossilized (Devils tower is a tree stump), the world administrators set the world on fire creating the proper conditions for flash petrification. There are petrified mushrooms (capadoccia), elephants (google: elephant stone), and giants (if you search you'll find them, there were giants over 200ft tall).

  5. I have tried to warn my friends and family on F/B about such things as the 9/11 hoax the Sandy Hook shooting hoax, JFK assassination the Nazi Bush family connection etc etc but all to no avail. I dont even get negative comments I am just ignored. If somebody was telling me the things I know I would be so grateful. What can you do when everyone is so shallow, non questioning and happy to carry on as they are ?

  6. I would really like to know the history behind this Theory because it makes so much sense.
    Obviously sitchin, because I know he's one of the main historical minds behind this theroy.
    but,it would be great if someone had a full historical background on this Theory.
    anyone out there got that kind of detailed information?
    because if sitchin was the original a on thns the first mind to put it all together then that kind of brings doubt to my mind

  7. It is my understanding that Enki was a Draco- the entire Babylonian culture was ruled by them and the Annukki were their servants. BEFORE that Atlantis was the dominant culture which was decimated by the floods and the Draco invasion that happened at that time. Enki was not a God.However they did their best to erase as much of the Atlantian culture, so much of what we know of "modern" civilization comes from there.

  8. Great interview! Good questions, and I'm NEVER disappointed by Michael's responses. HE has, in my opinion, a true grasp on what has happened here on Earth, and what's going on rite now! AND, his feelings about Zak Sichin are on the money, he was a GREAT man (RIP).

  9. I don't get what he's saying about Hollywood, ("holly-wood") and the blockbusters, that "they" are giving info to our subconscious. Who, a group of people who wants to wake the public up? And why are the annunaki okay with that, if they in charge of everything?
    Sorry but i just hear this from him everywhere but I just don't get it.


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