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  1. // -Zoom in very close to the head region of the Scarab Beetle in the above image; if you want to see what the Anunnaki look like! I'm sure the reaction will be shock! As far as the limestone plaque & its entire image incl. the hieroglyphs; I will send brother BP a complete breakdown & translation. BP is the only one I want working with this 'lost knowledge' I am here as a conduit only *Isias (eye-see-us)

  2. Wow, just realized when Eve messed up by falling for that lie, that is when the protected DNA she had was corrupted! The serpent was murdering her, and murders us each and every day with old age! Talk about a dangerous lie! The world has become the dragon's fema camp where there are no need for buildings to house men in, because the wounding has occurred right in their DNA!

  3. What this brings to mind is the first lie, "Thou shalt not surely die." Serpent told that to Eve, and it was a great lie offering Even ETERNAL life, but it was not for the serpent to give, but instead the Tree of Life. Mankind will be falling for that great delusion God will allow. Man wants eternal life… SERPENT style! The mark of the beast may be nothing more than the DNA change that man will agree to by falling for that LIE.

  4. Of course they will tell their version of the story that they caused the flood etc; however; the texts speak of them starving and thirsting like dogs clinging to the walls of their airships looking for a place to land, but Noah was well prepared by the ONE TRUE GOD. The "gods"/Anunnaki story is after the fact, and they forgot to revise that part LOL… stupid "gods".

  5. I am so glad you talk about the Kurds. They are the race that all races come from. If you look at them, they are still Nomadic to a point, and still tent dwellers (some are). They hold all of our genetic traits you see compiled and condensed across the globe. If you look at Kurdish/Aryans (Iranians) you will see every race trait in one family. This is what the 8 on the ark looked like. They are a beautiful group of people!!!

  6. The image at 7:33 shows a person being taken by the hand which means forced. Whenever you see such a gesture it means forced against their will. The upper-hand is applied to show dominance. It's not some cute hand-holding gesture. These "gods" were/are pure evil, and rebellious against the one true God and His Son, and will forever be that way.

  7. I watched Marshall Masters again- IDK if he's right or wrong but he's persistent- I've nvr stopped worrying abt Nibiru and I do not care what anyone wants to say- Like BP I studied the Annunaki even B4 History Channel barraged us for yrs abt Ancient Aliens- being that "THEY" always put things out in plain sight and say we were warned doesn't it seem possible- and FEMA buying ammo and supplies- working w/ Russians? The bunkers/ camps and Denver airport? It's all adding up- math my weak point but?

  8. There are 3 Dark Realms of our world: Air, seas, underworld/caves. We were to possess the land after the flood, but that still leaves Set/Sat + Anu = Satanu/Satan, Prince of the Air, and Leviathan of the Seas. Azazel the Land Beast/Behemoth was chained up for what he did pre-flood, and his seed was killed in the flood, but there are still Nephilim in the seas and the air (ufo/orbs). If you read the texts, these "gods" did not see this flood coming, and did not stock up any food or water LOL!!

  9. I have read every text from every tablet, and basically what I have read is the oldest recorded lies or half-truths (80/20 rule). These texts are post flood, and those 8 people who got off that ark tell a different story, and I believe the one found in Scripture recorded by Moses (and Enoch). When the "tower" of Babel was being built all of mankind (all 70 Men) was about 1000 people plus Nephilim that lived in the seas and skies. The land Nephilim were wiped of the planet in the flood.

  10. We have several hundred FEMA camps NOW, and who knows what airports/churches/schools/stadiums/theaters can also be instantly turned into a FEMA camp!

    There are TRAINS set up with GUILLOTINES inside them……..


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