Annunaki – who are they? This mini-documentary reveals the true history and origins of the Annunaki and how they were depicted by ancient texts. Where the Annunaki Gods? …or aliens from…



  1. This is part of the deception. One way of God testing our faith. It comes down to this at the end, who would you rather believe in, God or Satan? Humans from the past were a million times smarter than now. Dumbing humans down was part of Satan's agenda. Motherfuckers cant even connect to their own wifi nowadays. They are that dumb! Pwah! God is great. Good luck to those who believes the Annunakis is their creator. hahaha. Just the sound of "Annunaki", you already know it is a LIE!

  2. They mine gold because they use it to condcut eclectically through your brain at a input of 100% and a put out of 100% and it was monatomic gold they needed basically to make them live longer and be smarter

  3. this annunaki bs is all over the utube, stop saying that jews bult the world,
    its just so lame, the worst part is calling then gods,
    this where persians arriving at mediterranean sea, second,
    this giants have been found all over the world, probably some pre
    diluvian survivors of some island or continent, they have been seen everywhere,
    some places they where just savages eating people, otherplaces they where engineers
    or overlords, conselours, they used this knowledge to enslave post diluvian animals
    neanthertals or help then, on europe and mostly built all ancient monuments on the world,
    this unaki were just a few of then, this unaki tale is the first jew bible,
    after rewritten 1000 times the history changed, they are the persian kings in
    jesus history, if you notice, they were same clothes as the others, the history
    of then around the world says they walked naked first, and they shaped our
    world for sure true the greeks and romans and europeans invading other continents.
    niphilim, those who came down from lineage, see, always mistranslation leading to
    misinformation, the jew wrote their lineage, grandsons, on the bible, they arent jews
    or gods, they are the old red haired giants, they built the piramids, the inca
    and mayan constructions, they where the first engenieers, with extensive knowledge
    of astronomy, and all sciencies, they have been on the pacific to the western europe,
    they were the first sapiens, millions of years ago, they were truly nomads and have been everywhere. This Zakaria Sitchen person is a Jew himself trying to shape history to the illuminatti agenda, Unos Hunos or una anu. If they are on Earth as one tribe this days they arent evil, they hiding, the alien nonsense is to hide our true past from us.

  4. Alien concept is distraction to people who lives spiritual life.. without faith in God our life will get doomed… people who believe absolute reality will deny god.
    ..the saturnian minded people will always try to understand god by their own scientific illusion..

  5. The ALL important letter G. G is the 7th letter. The center Is the Free Masonic simpol symbol. It is the compass & square combined. With those two 2Ls you can create the ALL. The interface between the spiritual and materials is hearin the word.


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