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  1. The Rothschild Zionists have controlled, and RUINED the planet, for far too long. Most Zionist are, in fact Jews. They have many in various governments that are complicit, however. Islamophobia is a Zionist construct, as is 9/11, the Federal Reserve, 7/7, etc. Look at 'bad' things around the world, and you'll probably find Zionism. It's the US and British foreign policy, it's the World Bank, the IMF, it's everywhere.

  2. Where are these support groups for victims of satanism, sexual abuse, secret societies in the uk? I don't want a forum on The Internet ? There is no councillors or help in The NHS and metal health organisations like mind have a four month waiting list for Councilloring

  3. The Hoous of Rothchild. There's only one of them left.  Its the Zionist movement into a one world order.  The Jews have been used unmericifully by the Zionists, and Jews have accepted Zionism because THEY GAINED FROM IT.  But you are right David Icke, they were used. The Jews are its victim, not its benefactor.  But they are doing nothing about it. Some are, yes, but far from enough, they're arrogant because they have, don't fool yourself David Icke, 40 percent of American Jews are Billionaires, another 18 percent are Millionaires, and the rest with salaries over the Average worker.  Yeah, they''ve attached Zionism the same way they attach Kabala.  And worse is the fact, that we are supporting them,  David Icke, as of 2010 we gave Jewish terrorists $123 Billion Dollars to less than five million people.  Don't defend them.  They're guilty — they're even more guilty for not exposing it.  There were Jews who came out against Zionism, but they are hated by the fake Jews, the Zionists are fake Jews, It is the Hassidim people. The true Jews, those people who stand behind God, the outcasts of the Zionists who came out to warn us.  But all for nothing David Icke, all for nothing, we still smiling up at them, its disgusting, no its pretty over for America, mark my words, in 30 years time, America will economically broken and torn by war.  MARK MY WORDS.  They're self-centeredness, their selfishness, their ego driven lives will follow them right back to hell.

  4. Hi David, I just wanted to let you know that I love your work and to keep trying to expose the true evil of this world! I am glad someone is standing up for what they believe in while trying to educate the rest of us, God Bless.

  5. Yes, and many JEWS have spoken out against the Holocaust lie too! They are JEWISH heroes. Why will you NEVER discuss this? Remember the sheep "policing themselves" that you always warmed us about David? You are guilty of doing the same policing with the Holohoax. In my small province of Newfoundland a lady on the radio was saying (just last month) that we need to let more Syrian refugees in because they are like Jews during the Holocaust??!! Wake up mate!

  6. "The reason Israel is recipient of most United States money is….blah blah…blah…." NO! It is because of the Holocaust lie/narrative which is also how they have also silenced opposition to cultural marxism by using "Holocaust guilt".

  7. Yes.  This is absolutely the truth!!   I've always said that the holocaust was a way for the   Babylon Talmud group (now called Zionist or whatever)  to throw Jews under the bus and hide behind them like a shield to protect them.  Notice that at least  3 or 4 times a year there's a  holocaust/Nazi documentary or focus?  It's a reminder to people that if they say anything they'll be labeled anti-semites, and their protected.    Well,   I am part jew and  I know for a fact that this is happening, and has happened  since Babylon, hence the Babylon Talmud under many different names.    The problem is that many of the modern Jewish people don't know that the Torah told  the Jews to stay away from  Babylonian  Ba'al, Molech worship,  and  these groups are not following Torah,  and the Vatican is a modern version so it uses  blood, sacrifice and more death and slaughter.    There are a few places in the Torah, one in Psalms, where the word asks  why the people are doing sacrifices, because Creator didn't ask for it but leaves them to their choice.   Babylonian  ways have infiltrated  the books and records in so many ways.   And now we have many Christians and Jews who are clueless and the Jews get upset about  anti-semites and the Christians have no idea that they've fallen for the Vatican Babylon dupe belief system.       gaaah!   The truth is revealed and lies exposed — masks fall so people can make better informed choices.

  8. Hi David, see they pulled your show in Stuttgart. Typical when you criticise the politics of Israel you are automatically antisemitic. This only gives credence to what you are telling us.

  9. Haha, it's amazing to watch how many people in the comments are asking 'how high' when their head of their religion asks them to jump. Not much difference from any other religious group who blindly and unctriticaly 'follow the leader'.


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