Anunnaki Persia Earth Empire The link between the Anunnaki and the Persian Empire aka THOTH/ENKI/SATAN the beast with 1000 names Nephilim, Anunnaki, DNA, hybrid humans, Hidden, Suppressed,…



  1. As a child, i used to spent a lot of time in Kermanshah in Iran and I could feel and see things that were happening in and around Bsetoon Montian!!!!!!!! I was in contact with something that was very positive and God-like. Something that has thought me and shown me things that are amazing. This is the first time that I'm talking about it because I feel I can and hope no one would ridicule me.These beings have always contacted me and still do!

  2. i have to say the name of your channel had me thinking you where just a "history channel" video poster but im glad i checked out your channel, i been searching the serpent seed for a few years and the connections of the same so called god with 1000 names,your research is well done and i been catching up on your vids
    overall well done my friend,there surly is a connection….keep them coming

  3. The Annunaki worked together with the Karistus/angels. Karistus are the double winged humanoids. 🙂 Yeah, they can really fly. The ones who died on earth have been reincarnating here for the last half a million years… long they have been stuck here.

  4. Tuirean was the King of Etruscans and named after an Indo-European god. They still call the sea on Tuscany side of Italy the Turien sea. Terrain means Earth and Mediterranean means middle of Earth. He's the same as these gods

  5. Angels have different species. The fallen Angels became all the ancient deities. They were all worshiped. Probably causing the ethnic groups) we are descendants of them. The creator did not tolerate this. We now have to "earn" our place in the spiritual realm.


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