Anunnaki and Sumerians Earth History with detailed depictions and statues images , descriptions , artifacts a, ancient text and Sumerian cuneiform script and Hebrew bible a must see video…



  1. Ive never in my whole life living in KwaZulu natal heard of any aliens landing…..and the language doesn't even have a term for one eighth……so the star thing is a bit off….

  2. Who could know the mind of God. God means govern or government. God is vast and never ending. God is all knowledge. Knowledge is never ending. God governs all knowledge and our universe. Think deeper.

  3. You guys are f**** retarded you guys only reading verses chapter 6 verse 5,7,8…..#6 the nephilium is what they created when they raped women get the f**** s*** straight the Lord heard the cries of man seeing that there hearts for desire only evil he sent the flood because they tried to interrupt the bud line I love the human race quit f**** Astoria read verses five six seven eight don't pick and choose you dumb s***

  4. why do they build empires then destroy them so many times? And flood the earth and fight each other and nuke shit its all so bizarre? What a truly bizarre alien race? How do they function?

  5. >Advanced god-like beings with advanced technology living in another planet, able to travel to ANY place within the solar system
    >Came to earth specifically to mine for gold (as Earth is apparently the only planet in the whole solar system which has gold?)
    >Need to create slaves to mine for this gold as these advanced beings can't do it themselves
    >Advanced enough to change the cellular and genetic structure of early humans
    >Not advanced enough to create gold or make a gold-like substitute for their purpose
    Rightio then…

  6. Hoax and misleading information who transilated and hell of the world speaks their language? Every one can make video like this and say what ever they want.

  7. I think you should get your History right, before you open your mouth to spew crap! The earliest civilization was Saraswati River [ Jointly with Indus Valley Civilization ]!!!! This went extinct when Saraswati River dried up 6000 years back or BCE! Indus valley civilization came to an abrupt end, probably because of a Meteorite falling on it [ Thus the charred bodies and Atomic Bomb like remains ] One of your own videos from History channel says everything about it!!! SO THUMBS DOWN

  8. The theory is really interesting but story got few issues 1. If there was a very advanced super civilization who can travel through space (huge distance so probably close to speed of light or worm hole or something) they have to be masters of the knowledge and they come all the way to find gold mining well very hard to believe that they have put all this effort just come here for mining. 2.As they are masters of knowledge they could have very advanced automated or even artificial intelligent controlled machine to do the mining why they need a weak humans to use shovel and dig the ground. It could be possible that Aliens are the one who created us or we might aliens itself but the reason for something silly as gold mining is too childish even for argument sake. a race of ppl who are so advanced came all the way just to dig some gold using weak humans !

  9. 400,000 years ago the anunaki opened the first Starbucks in Mesopotamia and it was an immediate success…the drive-thru window is an anunaki invention, so is non-diary creamer…after the first Starbucks the anunaki spliced their DNA with local primates in order to create a slave culture that could harvest cocoa beans to produce caffeinated beverages on a mass scale…the pyramids were constructed to refine cocoa beans to supply all the Starbucks on the Nile…the history channel is owned and operated by decaf lovers and they are distorting these ancient truths in order to create confusion and turn people against Starbucks…I've researched this subject for over 45 years and have read 170 books on the subject…I also own a Starbucks franchise so I think you can trust what I'm telling you.


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