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  1. Pesticides herbicides insectides abbitives flavorings gums emulserfisers E s Im sorry David people are waking up but too slowly the chemicals have numbed their thinking…… Wake up you ,your families, your friends ARE BEING POISONED

  2. We try to save seeds and plant own food so much as we can. Also we use plant-based pesticides. We planted a lot of native trees for bees and other native insects and birds. I do not care if people think it is funny.
    Thank you, David for being so brave. A lot of people are too scared even to write the same words what you say in their comments.
    Where is freedom of speech, media and expression? People in Western countries are affraid of their own security ppl in internet, especially on FB

  3. what a bull if you dont believe you creator big attacks will come to you because you belive it terrorist i dont care im not a terrorist im an other being you dont understand god bless you and dont prey evil or you will be behaeded lol bullshit illuminati crap reptilains faggot im drunk thank ou mister icke

  4. Not only is the CYPB1 a biomarker that can attract the chemo, there is a method of delivery of a slight amount of chemo to the body through IPT therapy if someone chooses to use the chemo. It is much cheaper and ore effective. It targets the cancer cells by using glucose receptors on those cells that have 16 times more the glucose receptors than a normal cell. I am not fan of chemotherapy at any rate but for those that are IPT is the way to reduce the effects of chemo on the whole body while targeting cancer cells.

  5. lol If you knew you have lived thousands of lives and been born again and again. Would you give a shit about much of anything? Would it matter if I ate delicious but poison food that killed me over 40 -50 years. If governments understood that death was a temporary condition would they care who they killed? or how many? Its an interesting concept. I suppose this is a very good argument for teaching the "You only live once" theory.  If that is true , fear of loosing that life will drive you to do anything and pay anything to keep it going! If a person has no fear of death because reincarnation. How do you control them? I only bring this up because of all the hype about trying to live as long as possible by eating this and not that, do this and not that, its turning into a religion in itself, At some point you stop living and you start dedicating your life to Staying Alive. Would you if you knew this was not the end of your life, just the end of a chapter.

  6. GlaxoSmithKline is a Jewish owned and run Pharmaceutical Company Poisoning and Killing Children. Andrew Witty, Chief Executive of GSK is a Jew. Majority of pharmaceutical companies are Jewish Israeli backed/funded. You all need to understand that the Jews have waged war on us all and create many different companies to use against us. This is just one small example. Jews also run the banking, media and infiltrated our governments. They also have a grip on the justice system which is truly the injustice system. That is how they get away with so many crimes against us. ?

  7. I cant believe it! Finally David talks about this! If you want to piss of the reptilian overlords go VEGAN!😉 For More Content about Plant Medicines, Current Global State of Consciousness and of course Vegan Health and Workouts give my channel a quick look if you got the Time! All The Best! PEACE ✌

  8. I am a MD. Our body was NOT made to eat meat. WE have molars, incisives, a long and large small intestins. Means vegetables and fruits are the best option. See how many vegetarians said that: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Ozzy Osbourne, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jonny Depp, Kafka, Martin Luther King Jr., Mark Twain, Leon Tolstoy, Clint Eastwood, Jim Carrey, Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Porter, Bono, B.B. King, Saint Francis of Asissi, Kirk Emmett (Metallica), David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Brian May, Mick Jagger, Carl Lewis, Lady D…y podria seguir .

  9. Extremist vegans are very brainwashed, and very very gay. Vegans who just don't eat meat but make no fuss or don't try to convert everyone else are level headed and good people.

  10. No margarine – a chemically-related cousin of plastiics – both byproducts of the petroleum/benzene industry. It doesn't grow mould, and even flies won't go near it. Avoid dairy – a by-product of factory meat industry, full of penicillins, hormones and drugs. No meat – which is hung in dirty conditions, bled out, and is in actuality rotting flesh full of bacterial microorganisms and vermicidals due to worm infestation. Protein is plenteous in nuts, seeds, fruits such as avocadoes, soya products and quorn. The public are brainwashed into believing large quantities of carbohydrates are needed. Having been. vegetarian for decades, my diet naturally progressed to becoming one of raw veg and fruit. Phenomenally expensive, I adore cherries, the richest source of vitamin C. Scientific botanical studies have proven a 90% decrease in planctum and other essential nutrients, and like adding a drop of food dye to a bath of water which disperses, so the entire planet's water cycle is contaminated by radiation following Fukushima so severe that previously unknown highly radioactive heavy elements only previously found in atomic bomb explosions in ever higher quantities, with predicted but formerly unknown ones being found together with many others not anticipated and never before encountered so much that acknowledged experts say to e en bathe in water is extremely hazardous, the skin being the largest organ in the human body and an extremely porous membrane. To those concerned about iodine, I recommend kelp or seaweed and the extremely delicious samphire grass, resembling a type of miniature asparagus but obviously saltier. Salt is also essential to the diet, with allopathic mainstream medicine deceiving people into believing it harmful. We hear about the anticipated large future rise in cancers and other autoimmune diseases, obesity, strokes, diabetes and so forth with sugar blamed. Pure unrefined golden cane sugar is best and honey preferable. With Hepatitis now having mutated from A,B,C with all letters up to G and H as well as the so-called HIV virus, the only virus whereby if you have related antibodies, you're not immune and have fended off disease but are told you have a death sentence. In reality, the rise of leukaemias and other cancers is planned, connected with the global vaccination programme but also due to contaminants, radiation and pollution. There is HIV, SIV, FIV is widespread in the UK ("cat AIDS"), it has been found in fish – sea life is dying out at a phenomenal rate, the bees we rely upon to pollenate our folds, fruits and plantlife are disappearing allegedly due to "sudden colony collapse" as too trees are mysteriously dying with "sudden oak death", but horse chestnuts, limes and great field elms are also disappearing en masse. We must take back control from the corpotcracy and 1% who probably do believe they can survive in centrepark-like domes or underground bunkers, or even craft similar to the space station in the earth's outermost orbit, (I do not believe colonising Mars or any other planet viable, and that we are being conditioned to believe or expect some form of contact with extraterrestrial life, which in reality will be very much of the earth and demonic). We are not a "body computer" David Icke, nor is the "computer analogy" applicable to the brain which is in a perpetual state of flux, never the same at any two times, as neurotransmitters are ever released, axons and dendrites firing, and rather the brain is better described as a "chemical soup" as it responds and adapts to stimuli, external and internal, and whilst we are all essentially made of stardust, carbon, water and other elements released long, long ago, this matter is composed of atoms and molecules, themselves consisting of electrons, protons and neutrons, electrically charged impulses and waves that compose everything in the universe, which are materially hollow ! Despite quarterly bills telling us so, we never "use up" electricity, it merely transforms into another state. Electricity is not like gas or other carbon fossil fuels which are finite and can be consumed, and water is not finite in that it too can be "used up" in its natural cycle as we are deceived into believing, therefore we must fight all the harder to prevent its contamination by fracking and prevent large corporations from depleting the underground water reserves on the earth which can be emptied. Having lived off-mains on a hill farm for 10 years where we relied on an underground spring, I maintain water ought be free, and am mocked. I predict that we will be charged for air at a future date, with air-conditioned filtration boxes on every home, office and dwelling, which will measure its "usage" per cubic litre also. Thank you David for your work, but there is much more you could and ought be saying.
    Howard Campbell Downes.


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