All the new Barbara Marciniak chanelling the Pleiadians for a minimum of 5 us$ per audio at Why the Pleiadian talk to human :…



  1. And whom ever is capturing soul's on the moon, the creator does not like it. 12th dimensional law is in effect and has been for at least 6 months now investigating these crimes to humanity and has also been waking people up when crimes happen, things are going very very fast now.

  2. Conciosness has risen because of it's advanced spiritual conciosness beings and people waking up in droves. Going through the equinox every 26 thousand years. We went from an F class Sun to a G class Sun so from an orange Sun to a white Sun. This is how beings evolve through nature because of the creator which is the empty space in between every atom which is also conciosness. Love is rising and the heart is open like a Markaba.

  3. The depopulation I track is, there killing homeless in homeless shelters, corporations selling body parts around the earth, David plaudies missing 411 tracking reptiles taking children the kabol human trafficking program's and variations there of.

  4. if you have the power to go back and forth in time,.. you wouldn't be giving talks and lectures but fixing problems. Period. And if fixing the pineal gland was so important… how come we haven't seen any super human coming out of the amazon jungle? people there eat all natural…

  5. Why are you all saying she is a demon and bad energy ??? I am not being mean or sarcastic… I really want to know.. I have all my life been under so many lies under religion..I dont want to be lied to anymore. If you would be kind enough to share the truth , i would be very grateful.. 🙂 Thank YOU..

  6. Dear lady spaced out, people are getting prepared to be able to hear this material for reeeaaaly a long time. Hopefully more can join. About you, watch her and ABRAHAM HICKS too. Ppl are gathering info in WHAT REALLY MATTERS. Why you don’t start quietly?

  7. These pleadians this woman talks about why would theses celestial beings need laboratory's the anunaki,greys and so on why would they need humans, you know abduct humans and experiment on them can anyone answer that if they created us then they should know what's in us these abducted ones are being used as guinea pigs but people are being lied to so lovely and they just go with it accept what they are being told, if it doesn't sound right it's not right,research,read,and research your reading and researchers dig deep remember the bible has had scriptures added taken away so many times, what's been added shouldn't be and what's been taken away shouldn't have been but it's to control us to keep us believing in it so we don't no what's true or a lie it's been changed so many times it doesn't matter to people anymore but what does matter is what you believe what's in your heart remember there's magic,power in believing having strong faith.

  8. I want to see to mathematics to all this. It’s one thing feeling things and another manipulating our own realities, but if the Palladians are what they are show what you look like then?

  9. What I’m wondering is why on earth would the annuakis allow this video to go viral? Are you being followed by them? What your saying makes some kind of sense because your using factual things to fall back on and mixing them up with other things, now I don’t believe in any of the religions. I wasn’t there. One thing I do know is that even my own feelings can be manipulated by my mind. So what is your purpose exactly?


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