For 6 consecutive nights in a row I practiced the CE5 meditation, and on each night was rewarded with fleets of UFO’s, Blinkers, Streakers, Twin ships, Flashers, …



  1. Great discussion topic. But consider what you are broadcasting with CE5 is "Permission." In the doing of this, you are accepting that the entire universe of possibilities, is essentially harmless. And at the same time, you know that you can't even walk in the woods, absent from certain consequential encounters… like a hungry bear. Now if your premise is that you like your odds no matter the threat – by all means, invite the universe in. I probably would offer more trust to an advanced entity (if I could ascertain this) than Joe Smo in Cincinnati.

  2. No word of a lie. Third time trying to respond to you. I’ve been trying to tell you I followed the protocol. It worked. Epic. Before your channel pushes me out again I want you to know I saw the two. And a third catching up at a rate of speed not possible. In AZ.

  3. Is Lady K. Sitting next you ? Everything you say something, Does she say….UM-HUM, agreeing with you? It sounds like she is agreeing after alot of your statements. If not you have a GHOST DOING IT!! Or a sound that goes UM-HUM. …MAYBE IT'S THE SOUND OF THE VIDEO TAPING? YES,….OR SUBCONSCIOUS AND THE ROOSTER!!!!! I AGREE I SEE IT IN THE DESERT ALL THE TIME. I LIVE IN ARIZONA BY YPG ARMY BASE. DON'T BE SHOCKED!!

  4. Funny you mentioned that. Few summers ago just hanging out in the backyard just looking up, nice warm summer evening. All of a sudden saw a little light which i thought for sure was a satellite b/c it was around that altitude. Then all of a sudden it started to descend as it was descending it started lighting up like a Christmas tree. It got down to about cruising altitude and was bright as a mini sun, then faster than I could blink it shot straight up and gone. I just sat there with my jaw on the ground. Then kitty broke the silence with a "meow". She didn't look all to impressed by it, though.

  5. This is something that I am seriously excited about and so glad to hear you've had good results. Waiting for a nice clear night here in the UK somewhere off the beaten track with no light pollution to start practicing.

  6. Michael, "you Don't sound like a Loon" nor crazy to me …I've heard this sort of thing before .. that a focussed mental attention and trance/meditative states Attract UFO's! I think this common ability we all have in attracting or "noticing" whatever these lights are, is more to do with the UFO'S own nature, rather than 'them' being "Extraterrestrial". Could it be, their ability to change size, shape brightness or dimness indicate they are living beings, rather then a manufactured space craft? I'm quite certain I NEVER, EVER, want to be "taken on board" of one of these 'things'!! I have read about the Missing 411 and all the spooky occurrences that happen around that subject …I also acknowledge that 'Orb-like' lights occur around BF sightings! Somehow .. all this phenomena is Linked!!! I haven't really thought of BF as being a "dumb ape" …I do think they are way more intelligent, that what 'some researchers' believe! 'Scott Carpenter', believes BF are 'Nephilim' ….I'm not sure about that conclusion …it 'could be' that human beings are the interlopers here …! What I'm saying or suggesting is Humans might not be indigenous to Earth, but most certainly BF are!! As for UFOs …..I believe forth rightly that they exist and are Here!! What 'they' are, in my mind, remains a mystery and possibly a threatening mystery, at that! Be careful out there Mark, I like your channel AND your thought process!! UFO's could be Spirits, Fairies, Angels or Demons or "other"!

  7. I've experienced it for 4 years left my home for 5 years went back it wasn't there, 2 year later my daughter's boyfriend was living there with her and he started seeing them,
    Now I'm seeing them again 2 hrs south of my house for the last 3 years ,
    Remember The black and white Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, Was the government trying to tell us then (?), then somewhere about mid 70's something changed,
    Idk but I've experienced something,
    Thanks Michael,

  8. If it doesn't require faith and isn't akin to a religious experience, then why are your eyes moist, why do you sound and appear "beatified" ? You know that I respect you (and like you, as much as I can know of you from your postings), but I am of the firm conviction that you are being deceitfully utilized by forces that are malevolent beyond comprehension (no matter what they've led you and others to believe) and that you are placing yourself in grave danger while encouraging others to do the same. Do yourself (and others) the greatest service and stop proceeding in that direction while you still can. This is the one and only admonition that I will offer, and I do so with due respect and only out of concern for your personal well-being, as well as the well-being of those who might be misled by your earnestness and fervor. Btw, I've witnessed such events ( and then some ) as are shown in the videos you've linked below, and no "meditative protocols" (a fancy phrase for casting a trance or a spell) were necessary. Just like the Sasq'ets, these Beings that you're having truck with just "ARE". Unlike the Sasq'ets, the majority of whom are benevolent (or at least benign), these (seeming) extra-terrestrial beings are evil beyond the pale, and have no good intention towards you or any other human being on this (or any other) planet. You're buying into the lie of the greatest magnitude ever told Michael. Please stop.

  9. Thanks for sharing !! If you're seriously interested in learning more about ET's, the true nature of reality and have your mind really blown away, may I suggest you look into Bashar ( dot org ), channelled by Darryl Anka in LA, for over 30 years …
    I've listened to his material for many years now, and he is, for now, the clearest, most coherent, no " mumbo-jumbo " voice on these subjects, and it's ALL about Self Empowerment with the Understanding and Tools he provides !!
    Much, much more to be said !! I have zero ties with him, just trying to help !! :o)

  10. I've seen that "star" appear. It was right at dusk while I was sitting on my front porch. It was like it was shinning a light on me and the intensity changed like someone was controlling it. The thing that got me was it was like it was hundreds of feet in front of me and there was no noise. When the light suddenly disappeared, it was gone. There was nothing in the night sky. That was 2 years ago. I felt crazy too!

  11. Are you sure they are ET's?
    Or better stated Alien from another planet?

    I have had many experiences myself and for sure all we "believe" is false.
    They are something else in my opinion. But just my opinion.


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