David Icke ✪ THE GRIMREAPERS !!! #DAVIDICKE #DAVIDICKEUPDATE #ALIENS #CONFERENCE #DEUTSCH #ILLUMINATI Subcribers For Chanel: https://goo.gl/G9H99r Thank You For Watching!



  1. The Jewish people had to say they were from there because Hitler killed half the population– therefore his theory is anti-semitic, weather the jews are lieing about Israel or not, they had to say that to save the race.

  2. It's terrible what's going on. While the French ressured Trump to bomb Syria, England was most assuredly working WITH France on that goal. I tried to put my two postings on Mr. Icke's video about Syria and comments couldn't be made. I apologize my comments are off topic for this video but felt Mr. Icke needed the news we found.


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