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  1. The windrush Caribbean people are Christian they are now classed as illegal immigrants, the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester against Christian kids, its all part of the Muslim plot to make this an Islamic state and caliphate of Europe

  2. The hidden hands got by with their crap before ordinary citizens had access to news worldwide and that's thanks to the internet. The hidden hands are nothing but liars and psychopaths and they are stupid — they are still using the same playbook from hundreds of years ago when people had no idea they were being lied to.

  3. So true on the ability to believe anything the authoritarian heads have to say. It ends up driving the us vs them mentality. It seems the rulers normally DO NOT consult the average class citizens for their opinion. They only need us when they're running for elections. Take the irony behind Justin Trudeau and his real dad Castro. How ironic is that? But, that's life. Truth stranger than fiction.

  4. David Icke's beliefs:

    1. The Universe is a hologram
    2. All religions are Satanic cults that worship the Demiurge
    3. The Moon is a hollowed-out spacecraft
    4. Saturn's rings are part of the broadcasting system of the matrix
    5. Shapeshifting, reptilian Archons rule the World
    6. The Royal Family are blood drinking reptilians
    7. The Illuminati want a human cull
    8. HAARP causes tsunamis and earthquakes
    9. Satanists use human genocide, the mass slaughter of animals & sexual perversions to create
    highly charged negative energy.
    10. The Illuminati want a microchipped population.


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