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  1. Jehovah's Witnesses are the epitome of "not normal" and a lot of what you say in your videos align very much with what the Bible has to say if you look into it. That's why Prince connected all those dots….

  2. David, you are doing so much for humanity, everyone who speaks of you even in the street, they all respond with '' hey, isn't he just the best humanity has ever seen, he has the BALLS the size of a Bull Elephant'' so saying that mate, PLEASE keep on keeping on & there are far more people who love you than you really know!  best TC Australia

  3. Never really followed Prince's music and just remember a couple of his old songs, but this was a wonderful tribute to a person who followed his heart and didn't let other people dictate to him where his music should go.

  4. Of course this world thought he was "weird"- normal people do not understand his genius, and give it a title. I do not think Prince would have wanted it any other way. The world is better for having had him in it for a time.

  5. I have been a huge fan of Prince since I was very young. I believe that his music has a part to play in my own personal journey in this life and what happens beyond.

  6. Mr. Icke ~ Thank you for putting this wonderful video together. I believe that many of us could relate to Prince because we do not fit the 'norm', and we understood that about him. I very much appreciate your ability to find the right words to explain what it was about Prince that made him who he was; a human being who accepted his talents and beliefs and living a life in the way that was his choosing. He owned his life. I have been labeled by many as not normal and thankfully I was raised to believe that there is nothing wrong with that. I couldn't understand why my friends needed to be like others. This is the genius of what makes our world so colorful. Now if we can only teach the 'normal' people how to accept each other for our differences and accept that as being normal, then we would be getting somewhere.

  7. In amazement of what is our world I listen to your words and I recall myself saying these things (in almost the exact way) since my childhood. Being around those who don't understand where I am coming from and being "weird" has been a consistent fact in my life. Recalling the things you have always known and then to hear someone else say them is only more evidence of this reality that we inhabit.

  8. He was a human sacrifice to power. I know they know not and do not believe, however that is the same cognitive dissonance that he was somehow a prince. Lol…and he was really not. LOL! What kingdom would ever have a prince like that? Hahahaha ahhahahahaaaa.

  9. Great video but 10 mins into video came a 4 min advert ??? It feels like your video had been hijacked 4 bloody mins talking about how to be a good Youtuber ??? FUCK OFF Didn't watch the rest of the video shame

  10. Prince wrote a lyric in the Lotus Flower album, "I can tell by the color of your energy field."  It is clear he operated at a level of heightened perception and his music reflects this. Like Mozart and Beethoven, he could convert the human experience of life, love, loss and the world we live in into music that everyone could understand and appreciate.  All things seen and unseen in the universe vibrate and music is one of the ultimate expressions of these vibrations.

  11. On emancipation there is a song called New World. 20 years after that's all is the most relevant of all Prince songs. Talk about predicting the future or maybe it wasn't a prediction maybe he was just more wise or more observant or more in the know than we all understood. He definitely had his finger on a certain pulse and told us all what was going to happen. This is something he would do musically for example Rebirth of the flesh would have been a Monumental Music Moment if it had been released in 1986 or 1987 when it was first recorded but 20 years later maybe even 15 the whole combination of hip hop and Rock would be looked at as innovative (and I mean sonically not just rapping over a rock track) & it worked very well on so many levels. He was way ahead of his time sonically with that. However with new world he's lyrically telling us something look at those lyrics and tell me those things have not been brought to the Forefront within the past 5 years. When the Melting Pot stirs how are you going to take it. When you can tell him from her how are you going to fake it… If that doesn't directly point to what's going on with the transgender community then I'm crazy.


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