1. Conceptual confusion reigns! David Icke, conceptually confused about death, spouts inanities regarding 'there is no death'? First, lets hear Ickes definition of the concept of 'death' before denying what he appears to expect we already know i.e. what he is thinking? What we know is that a concept 'death' exists, that this concept has certain notions, certain meanings, within certain language games? 'Death' within a religious context might have certain aspects, meanings, that 'death' for a non-religious context would not have? Therefore we need to understand Ickes notion of 'death' before we can make any sense of what he is saying? Icke's whole thesis appears to rest on undefined, and nebulous, notions; concepts without depth, and often without sense, making what he says appear on first inspection erudite and informed, whereas what is really being conveyed is nothing more that drivel.

  2. I try to encourage my children to listen to you David as I have followed you for years with an open minded approach whereby I do my own research….Everything you have said that 'would happen' …. Certainly happened! ….. My daughter's first response was "He's a conspiracy Theorist mum!" It's sad that the she believes (in her mind) that the actual word 'Conspiracy' means 'Lies' simply because of the controlled mainstream media who put the word 'Conspiracy' with 'Lies & crazy'….. As I stated…. Everything you have exposed has in fact, proven to be true! I love that the masses are awakening David.

  3. Bringing about my company's tech to better humanity is challenging. A local national TV network producer told me that they use audio overlay of white noise, proven to reduce cognitive ability, making the viewer a couch potato, to increase their profit. This vid is more likable of David. A softer, quieter thumping on the head instead of in your face shouting. Thanks David. Take a look to see how we are going to change the world.

  4. Sir, have mercy, its so difficult for a statistically below average person like me to chew and digest that notion that life is just a hologram, although I can be easily brainwashed by crap in TV. It will take time to stream in. How come my love for people did not stop globalists' agendas from progressing? How will a person with higher vibration be protected from a cruel one operating on much lower level of frequency?

  5. whenever you do not want to intervene, they immediately intervene in your place but deviate in the negative sense what you had the opportunity to do that good thing in the right moment. in this way they gain time and negative energy as much as possible. every man has his time and the power to make any decision. here is the grinding of souls and the gain of positive energy. first step, do not get greedy, always let others think if it's not vital to you. maybe others enjoy less.

  6. solutions? , peoples wake up suposse, more and more, they dont war to make another and another war, but they dont stay, put or prepare clones or drones or robots in technicals ship or tanks, or other military cars, began plan B, no need to peoples in art of war, but need to kill peoples, is big diferrence. what can do peoples in this situations? is key. rebuild all. maybe the big game have a big problem in this situations. the games in all position become nonsense for all entities. where is the pleasure to win if you are in all positions to strong. i think nonsense (this virus) make big problems for them. wake up , wake up, try to look in everytime at your clock. be smart, they must adapted forever when you change every day in much positive mind, they in every second the big control.

  7. I believe that religion is the number one deterent to humanities true awakening. Spirituality has been taken away from us by greedy, evil, self centered entities, human or not, religious or not, to keep us separated by using negative frequencies so we cannot harmonize witht each other, the planet and "all" that is. I was raised roman catholic (you can't pick your parents or " their " religion). More people have been murdered by Christians than any other. Just look at North and South America… Unfortunately it's going to take a "positive" intervention to change the negative. We have "always" had the technology to harmonize ourselves and the planet in tune with the universe, instead of its use as a tool for spiritual neglection.


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