1. The US media was trying to get TV viewers to salivate over the attack on Syria with all kinds of excited talk and lauding trump with repeated loud vocal orations, 'PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS…!!!!" Perfect example of a scripted news media trying to control the country. Meanwhile, the people — represented in the social media space were absolutely appalled by the attack on Syria THIS IS PROGRESS.. But instead, Icke would rather call Obama's name, than trump's, in one litany of evil names. This is not a freudian slip.
    TRUMP is far worse than Obama, who held off on Syria as long as he could in the face being surrounded by reptiles. Remember what happened to President Kennedy. You can't take that job and not be surrounded with reptiles and their demands or be killed. Here's the main goal that should never be forgotten: The powers want to make the United States a "parking lot nation" for roads to take out all of the natural resources as it has to Iraq.
    The US was NEVER intended to be a world power. Syria is only one more stop on the main goal by Israel, Great Britain — and RUSSIA, for profit. Saudi is assisting on demand. Germany, which should be helping the US, is only pretending to wring its hands because Hitler, in his Fourth and Fifth Reich eras, intended for Germany to rise as a world power. If the powers are not successful in dismantling the US, world war is certain to make Europe supreme again. Russia is only a secondary distraction but did play a role in the stolen US election and its leader thinks Russia DESERVES TO BE THAT EUROPEAN WORLD POWER. Remember, ALL OF THE LEADERS ARE EUROPEAN, no matter how they renamed the territories and continents they conquered 500 years ago.
    Take action. Don't just sit and listen. Share your knowledge AND Petition other nations to speak up. Israel, if expanded as it wishes, will be the certain end of the world as we know it. The people everywhere should strategize without fear. Move forward and let people know what to do.

  2. David is nobody concerned about Israel manufacturing Intel microprocessors having access by the backdoor to all major infrastructures and water, electricity, public water and waste processing, hospitals nanotechnology and and etc etc……called the Telpiot programme?

  3. David I get so frustrated listening to the Outright Lies from May, Trump and Macron (and Gobshites like our Verruca jumping to attention) I cannot understand how anyone could possibly believe in 'Chemicals being used in Syria' again. Even as May was doing her 'Act' in talking about the Skripals and their poisoning – I was saying this is a Lie. They are Lies and Liars and I know that you do call them out……Everyone needs to do this. I only started investigating all these theories a little before xmas and I know about the Neocons and Their plans. I did not take your word for it, I googled and found info in papers or on other videos.

  4. David have you investigated the talk on Syria Israel border , there is an almost unlimited amount of oil : / When the west steams into conflicts..with you David ..follow the money trail..Why want Assad gone to get at it ..Russia with diplomacy asked Syria to have a cut & also likely fund any pipe lines
    West don't want an oil rich Syria .. Oil power leads to things & abuse that Saudi Arabia do ..West know that regime ..But turn a blind eye ..Money & Oil

  5. artefacts can i say nice thing wich make with pyramids a great flux energy , which generate the shadow tech global for more eys, you cant see me, it's okay, but my brothers can see me, it's a tricks wich more humans not see. not only can have acces at this. it's built along time ago this ancients artefacts , or some places actually some contries have theese nice things, old golden century is name this fulx energy for shaddow tech. :). we try to put a good future for all. a little imaginations but is something. thank you, and dont give up.

  6. look and seek photos with Syria Country before 2011, Homs, Damasc, Alep, was so beautifull cities, more lands touristic they has, a great history, ancient cities, cruciades buildings, was so beautifull this country, assad was on president Syria country along time before 2011. where the hypocrysi, a man who want to destroy his home so beautifull. syrrian not want this civil war. but they have 11% resources global oil, and … other nice things. maybe last theese thing are very interesting for somebody , where try to put in move theese nice ,,thing,, to conects strangers power. old history tell more 6000 years ago. i forgot , for old callendar assyrian now is 7000 or 7100 year for this 5 generation civilization humanity.

  7. truth spoken brother , dont forget to smell the fragrance of a rose or some other such natural scent as a way of grounding and healing you brother …if only for a moment take that time repeatedly

  8. It appears that ISIS is an American and British created, trained and funded (armed)terrorist/commando cell with nefarious goals. Project Mockingbird continues to create/shape and control American/British and world opinion.

  9. You say oppressing people I say murdering people. The reason that they're in Syria has to be one of the 3DS they're desperate their dumb or they're delirious take your pick let me add number four their greedy. The globalist Maybe?????


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