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  1. Ok So maybe JESUS is part of an old belief system even though I am programmed to remember him? Ok So I broke up with Jehovah now I learn Jesus is a Myth? OK I will explore the pain of my cognizant dissolution. It is like a huge fish hook being taken out of me…

  2. David, we are all that has been, is , and ever will be. We worship something "up there" like it is bigger than we are because it is. We are all consciousness. But how do you think we got here, the Big Bang theory? You were created by a Being that IS bigger than little you, and He created you marvelously. We worship Him because He IS the Alpha and Omega. The creator of infinity, little one, and He loves you, or He would have never created you to begin with, in His image and wonderfully and marvelously. He wants you to experience all of this grandiosity with Him forever. The way it was intended to be experienced, freely, fully and without limitation or end. Paradise. Love, acceptance, peace, joy. Forever. I hope to see you there one day, David. Amen!

  3. "We were always here, watching , waiting" where is that version of this video? It had a Tom Hanks film spliced in, it's got clips of Dark City. it was called breaking the spell but I've watched two other videos called that by Jay4Louise but it's gone. Where can I find it?.. anyone?

  4. Excellent ,thank you again,Ameen.Free from the fear & anxiety of these monopoly",Men made Laws" The truth about Faith & Beliefs is very simple but you are right as soon as one says " My Beliefs ", the other person just cuts off.Excellent,the Demons are bombarding us constantly " The left side of Brain "Choose your freedom & do not let your perceptions be changed or interfered ,Ameen.The power is within us,it just needs to connect with the infinite consciousness & the doors are open,Ameen. Mehrunnisa.

  5. Icke gets it wrong – Our Father in Heaven DOES EXIST. If the Illuminati, NWO wanted us to follow our Creator, Yahweh, and our Savior, Yeshua Jesus, they would be telling us to believe every word of the Bible but instead they try to discredit Yahweh constantly and turn people AWAY from Him. What does that tell you? ??? Yeshua is real, Yahweh is real, the Bible is real – why else would the Illuminati fight SO HARD to try to make us believe these things are false?

  6. David has a natural ability to explain in detail everything about almost everything. In a way that we can all understand, that alone is a true gift that only a chosen few in the world have. Lots of people now days are waking up and agree with some or most of his explanations. Because the system is starting to fall apart. But If you do start to take responsibility in ALL aspects of your life in a positive way including diet, healthcare, home and your spirituality and stop allowing this toxic shite into your mind, body, skin and start filling it with positive energy, organic food, positive knowledge, love, kindness and be thankful for what we are, and each other , you will then start to understand every single word he speaks. The old you will start breaking down and the new you starts to develope. Not only that you start talking like him to your friends, wife etc. We all have a right to feel human, normal and to be happy its our choice and no one else.s
    Hope this comment helps to understand that we need to start giving more advice to help each other do this, and not well i,m all right jack

  7. Mr. Icke, Much of what you believe is true but the main premise is, I believe is wrong. You seem to think you are God. As you know, you are not the creator. I can see that your message is to set yourself free from not believing in anyone or anything but yourself and if by Christianity you mean cults such as Catholisism , I can see why you are against it. I hope you really will continue growing in truth. And if so , one day you will realize there is a creator and maybe you're not quite as smart as He is

  8. Hi Everyone… I have a query at the end of a few points…please share your thoughts…:
    1.We are connected. The whole world. And especially many many like us – for example the ones commenting here
    2. In 'real' world, the evidence most prominent and wide spread is the internet
    3. Still it is 'virtual'
    4. Wouldn't it be more effective if more tangible evidences were establish, namely – in person? Not that it is not possible to bring about a change the way we are connected now…but still, a wall is a wall and it will be easier to break it
    that was the query 🙂 – how do we create a mass movement when we are so tied up with lives and the need for connection is satisfied (to whatever extent) by internet
    …its like saying we can physically survive on sunlight but food is eaten for energy. Thus Sunlight is out connection and internet is the food….
    Or does it just a matter of comprehending the connection as it is with the crutch of the internet connection as evidence – rather than trying to make it more in tune with the illusion of physical being more real?
    So…consolidated query:
    Do we need to have a movement where people meet in person in order to break free or do we need to hone the connection at its original state (energetic maybe?)

  9. Everything Icke speaks is 150% pure, living Rhema-Word of God (High language New & Old Testaments), read with The Gift of Revelation; an impartation to those God chooses to unveil mysteries to. So, ironically, David hasn't connected the dots (Godly Revelation) in 'full' respect to the verse, "I in you,you in Me", because the supernatural cannot defeat the supernatural unless The Creator's Super Spirit is within our natural by gaining this perspective of which Icke speaks of – along with the Word as a High Language Book of Law to claim over the circumstances. A personal relationship and Authority in Jesus Christ makes the enemy comical once we reach the highest levels of the Christian faith.

  10. i used to have involuntary out of body experiences, he helped me realize the full magnitude of the experiences i was having. I'm thankful for having come across him and his lectures


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