A great speech on our society today. well worth a listen. Thanks to youtube user jayforlouise for original upload.



  1. "Killing & eating an animal is the original sin" Animals are sacrificed at a rate of 70 Billion a year in the name of food. Their death at our hands keeps the world at war. (What comes around, goes around). David

  2. The most dangerous people in this days are the ones who control the technology internet because they can use it in their own purpose making from a good thing to look bad and the other way around manipulating people minds, influencing and instigating fear that happens more and more this days thru this bullshit social media. And they have power because behind all this shit are the secret services that always they have the job to create diversion confusions to manage to remain alive as institution and control and rule the world from shadow, this fucking liars & bitches

  3. U see that the celebrities from music & cinema are kind of the only ones remained that tell the truth thru their work even if they are manipulated also by higher institutions that control the world, if u watch carefully and understand the true meanings of their work, u will find truth

  4. Just wanted to say to this channel and all the other minds that watch YouTube that I love yall and god bless you all. Let's all make a change even if it's small increments eventually like everything else it will grow and evolve.

  5. The only factors that are different from the people living in america vs. the country where innocent men, women and children are being forced out of their homes, murdered, their countries being bombed is simply being born in america. It's just shocking and appalling what humans have done and continue to do to fellow humans. It's sickening to see how people here are so obsessed about adding the latest Gucci bag to their collection "just because they're so cute" or whatever, while there are people out there struggling to just live their lives in peace. Everyday I realize more and more how much of a petri-dish life we live. The news, advertising…. everything around us makes the stupidest most superficial things seem "vital" to survival when actually we have too much and we should be helping others in need.

  6. the reply I get when I mentioned any of the world threats to humanity is like they dont even think a tsunami iz possible in the UK and when I show the reason why on my map of the flat earth I looked over and the people I'm showing this to seem lost either no one is interested or dont care dont say that they dont understand (sheeple) in the UK we seem to be worried about losing our country to the Muslims I've come to the decision that this is all a big distraction coz when the big wave does come AND IT WILL ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. Then two thirds of the UK will be under water one thing I do know for sure no one will die until the Holy Father (God) says time up !

  7. The elites are ordinary human beings too, with IQ's similar to the herd, but the difference is, they are psychopaths who think nothing of murdering millions of people and they blackmail and bribe enablers who assist them in their thievery. Corrupt thinking and intelligence, are not the same thing.


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