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  1. The way he talks about it sounds like he knows all about it him being a real rich person like all the people he talked about he must be just like the people he talks about George Bush HW George HW Bush it looks like he's almost enjoying telling us about it like he's thinking about it while he's doing it and then he's telling you about it

  2. you would think that the tables will soon turn, with as many views as this guy gets. but none of the people I know even dare think yet tune into this guy. except for maybe The Reptilian thing I think this guy makes perfect sense. that's not to say that I don't believe in The Reptilian thing either..

  3. I will say it again, the same hand that built Rome is the same hand that is literally fingering our America. The Bush's are just the pick of the day. George Washington, one of our alleged founding father's Christopher Columbus lmaooooo, the CLINTONS, the Vatican, and the list goes on. But the scariest thing of all the traditional mind set see nothing wrong. Seriously no convictions have been made or will be made. Here's a thought, they will lock up Queen Elizabeth for harboring a pedophile, here's another one how about Reaganomics lock up his wife too, how about the Vatican they actually froze there assets from drug trafficking and child molestation charges but you Catholic can't get enough lol. What's left to do Mr Icke.

  4. Such bullshit. Name me one child in a pedophile ring. No one can. No one can name names. Never. I dont even like the Bush family but dont you ever notice —- no one can ever name 1 victim. Why? It is all bullshit. Makes Icke into a multi-millionaire though. Fools eat up the bullshit he is talking about.

  5. people of power are disgusting horrible human beings that do unthinkable things daily… nothing changes and nothing will ever change… society is dumbed down for modern day slavery….

  6. I can’t believe they are walking this earth, makes me sick what they do to people, they are pure evil. But they blackmail and buy people and that’s why they have power!

  7. Where's Ickes' empathy when he's deliberately spreading around complete bullshit knowing full well there'll always be a small minority who'll fall for it. If anyone's short on empathy it's this vile creature.

  8. George HW Bush was my mother's main Handler when she worked at Eli Lilly back in the late 70s early 80s. She was a foreigner from Cuba and got sponsored to work at the pharmaceutical drug company. Bush Sr. took advantage of her naivety. My mother and my father put my brother and I both in the Eli Lilly MK Ultra mind control programs located in the basement of the company where they both worked. I was used in pedophilia rings, blackmail, trauma bonding, SRA and all the other horrific things that people don't imagine other people would do to children. Father God has definitely spared me, but the aftermath has proven extremely difficult to continue on, but God. I look forward to seeing the aftermath of those responsible for abusing, raping and destroying the lives of so many Innocents. I'm not able to pray for these people, but I know that is God's will. I will forgive them, for they know not what they do. I just want to be free and restored in Jesus name.

  9. When Bush got in I felt different. I was a party loyalist at that time but Bush just didn't turn me on like Reagan. Course then we see his NWO speech and raising taxes and the CIA coming out and the Americans for disability act and that darn Iraq war. We wanted Buchanan in 92.

  10. George Herbert walker killer and George walker killer president Gerald killer and Jimmy Carter killer bill and Hillary killer and president trump currupt piece of crap poor people gather and killer

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  12. There is some reality in what this man tells, including their use of children solely for own gratification, because the symptoms of the reality are there, but at some place the reality ends and speculations begin to take over when David Icke talks, or he derails into something blatantly illogical or insane, like his talk about reptilian bloodlines or the like. One must also really ponder why those rulers of the world let this man talk so much without stopping him. Is it perhaps because his talk is so effective to confuse people about the borderline between reality and fantasy, or because the blend of reality and madness in his talks will make people disbelieve the true things he tells about too?

  13. When stinking bush killed JFK that's when evil took over our country. The whole family is evil and will burn in hell! They are responsible for millions of deaths around the world with their false flag wars. We need to make sure these war criminals pay for their crimes against humanity!


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