Alan Steinfeld of talks with Icke about spirituality and the lessons we can learn from the from being in the Matrix; transforming from fear to greater human potential…



  1. What an amazing and enlightening interview about our real conscious reality. It really empowers to know the truth that we are much more than we think we are and we have a way out: awake! awake! and help others awake! We are so much more than our physical bodies!

  2. Kabal is or goes back to kabba, and price William is moving there, he's Royal clock at kabba is and will be done 2020. Magnetic force change is happening and Saudi must be good place for it do uk royals are moving three

  3. The 80's movie "They Live" is about this very discussion. "They" don't want us to know. It is so true. But we have the special sunglasses that help us to wake up and see the reality. It's up to us to choose whether we want to know or stay in the dark. We should be like the townsfolk of Whoville from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" cartoon/movie and keep the faith.

  4. david icke said he was jesus on the terry wogan show… he is a millioniare now through this theory why charge money if he was spiritual ?this guy has a point is agreeable in the mind of some one looking deperatly for self realisation..this guy takes your money too ear ache you he is the thing he warns about milking your money as same priciple as milking your mind money is for power seekers my kids are my millions doing small favours too strangers makes me happy not money is happy freedom this guy is a fake cos he makes money

  5. One of the best interviews of David Icke. He comes across as reasonable and measured, and this was after his marathon presentation at Wembley. 

    Two people, Alan and David, walking their talk.

  6. I saw my Reptilian controller back in 1997 after watching horror movies, my eyes were black and I felt bad. I looked up from doing my teeth and there he was, staring right at me. Every time I moved, he moved in sync. Green and ugly! I haven't watched them since and I'm Christian now. The number on my kitchen power meter telling me how many dollars and cents I had left on my account said 666…coincidence no. December of 1998 and 1999 I was abducted in my bedroom by Greys and implanted. Been battling them ever since. I am now controlling them 17 years later and they get incredibly frustrated too. We can't always get rid of the Retilians but we can make life uncomfortable for them and control them too. Don't be afraid to experiment with controlling them with energies, glad I did! Love and Light to all!

  7. I think we should be responsible for our own selves/egos – our own worst enemy – rather than focussing on some invisible enemies that may or may not exist. Responsibility and awareness of our thoughts and emotions is the way to peace. I'm done with being afraid of, or blaming, imaginary things outside of myself for my own suffering. There is just no power in such a belief.

  8. I think we receive subliminal messages from the Government being played through the air and through the TV etc. How many times do you think 'I would love to see …. film' and it comes on the TV either the next or within a couple of days ? That's not coincidence. It can't be.Not sure why they would do that other than to test our response to their subliminal by monitoring how many watch it. We may be told for a week that it's going to happen and then told that it's on the next day ?


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