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  1. Hi, I have heard of Mr Icke thoughout YouTube for sometime now, was afraid to watch videos on him as I had heard things. I was very glad that I clicked on this podcast, was very misinformed about him, smart man, makes you think.☺

  2. The House of Bonaparte still covertly govern France. The Bonapartes are backed up by Rome and the Italian nobility which have deep connections with France. The Bonaparte family has strong ties with Florentine nobility like the Corsini and Medici families as Corsica is not far off the coast near Florence. The Bonaparte, Medici, and Corsini families are the owners of the Corsican Mafias which operate out of France and Corsica. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica and he made war on all the European nations that banished the Jesuits. Napoleon Bonaparte was also the first political Zionist who proclaimed for all "Jews" to settle in Jerusalem and attempted to militarily conquer Jerusalem. Napoleon established the Legion of Honour with the President of France as the Grand Master who also holds the title of Honorary Canon of the Papal Archbasilica of St. John which is the ecclesiastical seat of the Pope. The President of France is a front for the House of Bonaparte. Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III was the first President of France. Emmanuel Macron is the current President of France and was Jesuit educated at the Lycee la Providence and also worked for the Rothschild bank. Bernard Arnault is worth about 75 billion and a Knight of the Legion of Honour and Chairman and CEO of LVMH. The Mulliez family are owners of Auchan and are worth at least 30 billion. Auchan's founder Gerard Mulliez is a Knight of the Legion of Honour.

    Patrick Pouyanne is CEO and Chairman of the oil company Total and he is also a Knight of Legion of Honour. Jacques Servier is worth over 7 billion as the founder and president of Servier Laboritoires and a Knight of the Legion of Honour. Alan Greenspan was knighted under the Legion of Honour and was a former Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve. The American billionaire Walter Annenberg was a Knight of the Legion of Honour. A "knight" is defined as a military servant. Prince Jean Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte is considered the head of the Imperial House of Bonaparte today and his mother is Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Two Sicilies of Italian Nobility with his uncle being Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon-Parma is a member of Italian nobility however he resides in France and is a Grand Master of the Order of Saint Lazarus and also a Knight of Malta. The House of Noailles is a French nobility and functions as a support for the House of Bonaparte with Prince Antoine de Noailles the Duke of Poix as a top member. Prince Helie de Noailles is the head of this family and has worked in the French government as an adviser. His son is Emmanuel de Noailles the Duke of Ayen. Prince Helie of Noailles' grandmother was Margaretha von Rothschild. The French Fould banking family worked for the House of Bonaparte with Beer Leon Fould as Finance Minister for Napoleon III. The Fould family also married with the Rothschild family several times.

    Prince Jean Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte has worked for Morgan Stanley, Advent International which is a major buy firm with assets estimated at 31 billion, and he currently works for Blackstone Group. Baroness Tessa Blackstone of the UK is the Chairwoman of the Franco-British Council. French presidents are the heads of the Bonaparte's Legion of Honour which has many members that are billionaires and heads of major corporations and banks like Paolo Scaroni, Alfred Dreyfus, Pierre Louis-Dreyfus, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Benoit Potier, Pierre-Andre de Chalendar, and Rene Obermann. Pierre-Andre de Chalendar is married with Leticia Petrie the daughter of the British Baron Peter Petrie who is also a Knight of the Legion of Honour and former member of the Franco-British Council. The British-French connections are related to the Channel Islands off the French coast which are part of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II is sometimes referred to as the Duchess of Normandy by the people of the Channel Islands. The remaining French branch of the Dreyfus family also serve the House of Bonaparte with Marie-Jeanne Louis-Dreyfus-Meyer as a current member and shareholder in Louis-Dreyfus Group. The House of Maupeou in Ableiges and Bruyeres are still working with the French royalty. The Maupeou family held the positions of chancellor of France and still have chateaus, noble titles, land, and businesses today in France. Count Charles de Maypeou is the head of this family.

    The Rochechouart family headed up by Prince Charles-Emmanuel de Rochechouart are French nobility which fought in the Napoleonic War for the House of Bonaparte. The Rochefoucauld is an ancient French nobility currently headed up by Prince Francois XIX de La Rochefoucauld the Duke of Liancourt. Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld was a French Count who worked with the British Special Operations agency during WWII. The Bonaparte family have married with the Aldobrandini papal nobility of Rome with Pauline Bonaparte as the wife of Don Camillo Borghese-Aldobrandini the 6th Prince of Sulmona. David Rene de Rothschild who is the current head of the French Rothschild family branch and head of the Rothschild bank is married to Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini who has Bonaparte ancestry through her ancestor Prince Camillo Borghese-Aldobrandini. The Colonna-Walewski family of Italian and Polish origin have intermarried with the House of Bonaparte as well. Charles Joseph Bonaparte was a US Attorney General and helped to established the FBI. Charles Bonaparte was a great nephew of Napoleon I. The Italian Nobility and Bonaparte family are working closely together like a crime syndicate with the intent of dominating over society. Prince Charles Napoleon Bonaparte, Prince Jean Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte, and Prince Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte are the current members of the oppressive House of Bonaparte.


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