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  1. You can't drain thw Swamp in 6 mnths or a year. don't think for a moment, that the rich son , did not do his homework and study this stuff over the years. While he was around those same elite circles. He was taking notes and watching how they operated.

  2. @David Icke. All of you doubting the agenda of Trump must have Absolutely NO Clue about QAnon,The Current Trump TAKEDOWN of the Entire Deep State Cabal and the subsequent Global Reset via an Executive Order signed by him on 12/21/18. DO SOME RESEARCH and stop acting like ChickenLittles.

  3. Right, because Trump and GOP aren't holding the health and well being of 9 million children hostage. BSAB are ways that con-men and snake oil salesman sell their wares. Saying that the left and the right are equally bad is a huge cop out. War with Russia was hardly an assured outcome with Clinton and the stability that we saw under Obama would have continued. Icke is another con-man selling his snake oil by just riding the cracks and saying not much of anything. Also, Trump didn't win the majority of votes. So, lets at least get basic facts straight. Calling something "establishment" is meaningless. It's a dog whistle term. While Clinton was friendly with some banking circles, she wouldn't have undone the laws protecting us from another meltdown. Trump has already done that. He also forgave all the fines from the banks that caused the meltdown. So, expect another meltdown. Trump has undone numerous rules on environmental protections and worker protections. We already saw a spike in the last year in environmental damage and worker deaths. What he is saying is the idiocy that got us Trump. Well done, Icke, you are as equally stupid as Trump voters. Well done.

  4. Bernie Sanders is hardcore communist
    Hillary Clinton is a pedophile, and her and Bill Clinton and the Clinton administration worked hand in hand with Russian Mobsters to illegally extradite whistleblowers who have revealed massive KGB Mafia corruption in Russia while the clinton admin Bill's time in office moved the FBI to become an adjunct of the corrupt KGB Mafia.
    Bill Clinton and Donald Trump friends with Jeffrey Epstein for decades and visiting the island pedophiling on minors for sex. James Comey went to Epstein island and online claims of pictures of him sex with underage. Other claims on the internet of him pedophile on boys as well.
    Illegal campaign donations by Russian KGB Mafia complex in the Clinton Administration and to Clinton Foundation and to DNC
    Bill Clinton legacy is transformation of USA into a narco republic with parts of the judicial system as corrupt as Colombia.
    Bill Clinton surprise trip to North Korea with North Korea so surprised they were waiting to greet him when he landed with heads of depts including the Nuclear top scientist. After that visit North Korea suddenly had huge advancements in their nuclear weapons.
    Years ago, Terry Reed said the Clintons used Dan Lasater (a DIxie Mafia, Drug Dealing and Drug Smuggling pedophile) his bond business to launder drug money or some of it anyway. Also see Bill Clinton's Blood Trail for another rude awakening of who he is and what he did before he even became President. Hillary and the Rockefellers are tight as well. Hillary grew up with mafia. Bill Clinton grew up with mafia AND his family includes bookie for Dixie Mafia… the info goes on longer than a santa claus list.
    POINT HERE IS: There was NO choice, it is all an illusion. If you do not vote then you will probably get the worst of all evils. If you do vote and get the lesser of evils then you still get evil. Pressure on the whole corrupt bunch is the only way. To inflict so much pressure they cave in or get out.

  5. 6 TRUTHS:
    1. People who love power and run society,
    Don't care about you or anybody.
    2. Divide And Conquer is the basis of the US political system. It's rigged so we fight each other and never look behind the curtain.
    3. Every social organization with any sort of power has been or will be infiltrated and subverted.
    4. There has never been a mainstream news outfit that just wanted to report objective facts.
    This will never happen. Our history has been distorted even more than the news.
    5. Only those who support the power structure will be called experts. Opponents will be marginalized and discredited.
    6. When corporations fund every politicians' campaign, the system is no longer capitalistic nor democratic.

  6. I liked you a lot David but to say that President Trump is not going to deliver is that he is a part of the establishment, you are totally wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, but having said that, I think Mr. Trump is fulfilling the promises which he made so far. David I guess you need a little optimism and positivity in your perception. Not everything in life is shady and controlled.

  7. There are no "elections" but rather, "$elections" Choices are manipulated when there are no choices. The entrance to the slaughter house is simply divided by party titles. Two signs are up on either side of the divider: "Republican" and "Democrat". BEHIND the divider are the corpses of third party hopefuls, and then comes the room where the voters are slaughtered. The "electoral process" is non-existent. it is a bi-partisan dictatorship.
    And yes, David Icke, you are SPOT ON (11/24/2017)

  8. Did Icke provide one piece of evidence that proved Trump was "a part" of the establishment? Has anyone else in the comment section in the past year since done so either (I'm sure but I didn't bother to read low voted comments or replies). I don't understand how otherwise amazingly well informed people like Icke, Thomas Sowell etc. come to their conclusions on Trump.

    He declared war on the lying liberal media (enemies of the state) and continues to fight them

    he has pushed back tremendously against the deep state bureaucrats in the intelligence agencies (CIA/FBI)

    he has stood firm on immigration in the face of being label a racist

    he travels the world condemning terrorists and the countries that support them

    he has eliminated anti-American trade deals that would seek to destroy are economy

    he has pushed back against the restrictions on the economy that would be imposed by Climate Change fanatics (pulling out of Paris Accord)

    he has stood firm against North Korean aggression (no president in 30 years has done that)

    he has convinced China to help in that area as well as to stop their imperialization of the South Pacific and currency manipulation

    he has begun fostering a non confrontational relationship with Russia

    he has pushed as hard as he possibly can to get the RINO republican leadership in the Senate to approve his agenda, not wavering in his quest to end Obamacare and lower taxes, especially a massive corporate and middle class cut not rich

    he is rebuilding the military to foster peace through strength

    he has appointed a true constitutional non partisan judge to the Supreme Court

    he has issued several important executive orders promoting business growth, especially small business, by rolling back needless regulations that make starting and growing businesses in the U.S. nearly impossible

    he has also issued executive orders fighting crazed liberal sanctuary cities that seek to destroy themselves

    Most importantly he has traveled the world to promote every country to be a strong, INDEPENDENT, sovereign, nation state, that America is willing to do business with on the basis of fair, ethical and reciprocal trade practices.

    Oh and the stock market continues to hit new all time highs almost every single day.

    In fact, if the obstructionist Democrats or even more accurately RINO Republicans would stop killing every good law he introduces just imagine how far along we would be in just 1 year. I can't help but ask Trump detractors were your criticisms come from? Usually the only answer I get is something to do with his personality and method of delivery…..that he's not "Presidential". Hate to break it to you cupcakes but politics is a tough and dirty game. Nice guys finish last. Trump is firm yet fair. He learned that in the business world and finally we have someone who isn't a socialist, globalist, greedy, career politician for a President and I couldn't be more happy about it.

    What more would you true American citizens (not left wing liberal lunatics, because I already know you are not real Americans, I'm talking left-center to even some conservatives) like to see the man attempt to do that he hasn't tried to do already while having his hands tied behind his back in the face of unbelievable opposition from many, many fronts. I'd be really curious to know.

  9. ironically, David Wilcock is more correct about Trump and, understandably, Icke has it mostly
    wrong. The Davids don't get along, different perspectives. It is about what Turmp is, Mr. Icke. He is an outsider.

  10. The reality is we are being taxed into poverty while the few get richer . I'm loosing hope for change . We will be sheep until the slaughter begins, by then it will be to late for change.

  11. I'd like to see your thoughts on Trumps election now..He is unequivocally changed the landscape for the better with virtually little to no support. Stock market is up nearly 7,000 points, unemployment is at an all time low, and human consciousness is at a all time high. Things are looking up! With all due fairness I did not vote but we see Trump is the real deal..It was prophesied he'd be there to change things back away from the evil cabals IMHO.

  12. Trump is a Nationalist not a Globalist and he's known about the One World Govt. for years and that's why he decided to run for President was to fight against it. He's worked to restore our country to what it originally was . The Globalist (Fascist) are working within to bring it down. It's a Spiritual war of Good and Evil and the sleeping ones are letting Evil prevail. Read the Bible and you can understand the world today; we were told before it happens. Divide and Conquer is what we are seeing today.

  13. Trump i fear is still part of the system of controlled chaos , The Military are still standing in Afghanistan guarding the drug cartels there .why is this the case if he is a genuine president with USA & its population needs at heart of his agenda !


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