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  1. I love ya Ickey I believe you bloody oth I do.
    This man has the heart of a lion hes gone through so much bulshit and had the balls to press on his soul is pure let go of your ego and take in what hes saying he is so fucking onto it

  2. my parents think you're mad and not right in the head. I, however, think you're amazing. you've taught me a lot about reptilians and i need to know this stuff as i believe i know a reptilian. thank you.

  3. Credo didn't see it David but I do you are reptillian, the human race cannot be saved as there is no such thing, it is merely a vessel for which demons use to operate in this density. Regardless of retillian or demon its possession and its observed through the eyes straight into the soul. My soul is pure and fair warned be any who dare attempt trespass as the result shall be destruction of self amen.

  4. Humans did not need the Reptiles, the Greys, Praying Mantis or Insectiods, Clones or robots, Demons, etc. They did not need the other species also. These other species interfered and mixed with humans or inserted things into them and interfered with human and animal genetics. Even clones and robots are being manipulated and suppressed.

    Part of these lies about they helped people and created humans are not true. It was interference. Humans did not need them. They suppressed humans to be slaves and control the species on the planet Earth.

    There are some individuals of the different types of reptilian species that evolved and did not want to suppress or harm humans. Some celebrities/royalty/government official family members/etc and regular people are raped or mixed to become hybrids. It is not their fault they are stuck into that system. But if they participate or choose to harm someone, then they are obviously not helping humanity.

    The ones that call themselves Elite might be humans or non humans. There are many people who work for these groups and who deal with them usually for money or to be able to get away with crimes, pedophile stuff and other things. There are humans that have sold out. Some are threatened with personal and humiliating recordings or some sort of dirt. That is common in Hollywood and with the investors/royalty/etc.

    The different non human species can fight with each other and fight with the mixed species of each other. But they usually team up against humans.

    These other species are dying and parasites. Why are humans and other species treated or told they are worthless when these parasites are dependent on humans and stuff? These parasites look terrible and are not healthy. The hybrid bloodlines and hybrid species have a lot of health problems. For example watch the movie They Live (Sometimes some people call it They're here now incorrectly).

  5. David, your work is awesome. I've just been reading comments from videos of some of your interviews on mainstream programs. On average, it looks like about 98% of the comments were from people that now see through the mainstream media's bullshit. And it's largely thanks to the work of yourself and other great researchers.

  6. David. The snake did not talk to Eve. The snake was a result of the curse on the
    beast-like being that spoke to Eve. That beast-like creature was closer to man in form which is why it could copulate with Eve to bring forth Cain!!!

  7. This man is being paid to talk bad on the reptilians. The race he supposed to talk about are the ARCHON SERPENTS. They are the ones who are controlling this government. The reptilians are not the illuminati. They are a whole other type of being. The serpent archons are the ones that the 13 families mixed their blood with. You think someone like him is allowed to tell yall the truth?? Research for yourself! There are many paid shills (like him) who are paid to distract many from the real truth


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