FULL OFFICIAL VERSION – David Icke Interviews Arizona Wilder This program presents the staggering story of human sacrifice and satanic rituals involving the most famous people in the world….



  1. I enjoy your videos and you are doing a fantastic job informing the public, but I believe you have made an error in your dates… you mentioned thatJosef Mengele died in " the late eighties" but I understood he died in 1979. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong……..

  2. Lizards w Crunk Cups in Robes w/ Shanks-Interesting. Wonder if they sacrificed this chick for being a snitch and outing all these crazy stories. I can believe all this stuff goes on Lizards and incubating eggs? like a Sleestack? Somebody's been eating too many Shrooms.

  3. PINDAR? Buahahaha !!!
    Pindar? …Pindol in Polish sounds about right and means literally dick…but small and weak.
    Osiris…so called "Golden cock"…Horus reborn…so dick…to…
    Haha… Oh my… Pindol von extraterrestrial rapist …fits.
    There is this region in Poland where those lizards walk in woods and attack humans…but i forgot how it was called…but it was linked with one of those old Nazis bunker complex. You're interested you find it no problem…many stories, terrifying. I got pissed by gover'mind (in Polish direct translation is your "rulers") i go on crush'ade…what i learned from incubus over the years is you always lost if your are not on attack, you become a worrior…they become powerless…except if that's a Holy'wood movie that is.

  4. We cant see the reptilian shape shift….cos it needs to have special gift as Arizona has it…normal people only see a normal guy…take in mind she was a Mother godess…

  5. This is utterly disturbing. Exploiting mental health condition for the purpose of entertainment. I have a great deal of sympathy for this woman God bless her soul but this footage should be deleted from YT because this woman belongs to vulnerable group and and her condition is being abused. Unacceptable!

  6. Either this lady is straight crazy? Or she is telling the truth? She definitely show signs of mental distress and brain washing. I believe what she says. It would be hard to make up strange stories like this.

  7. Arizona Wilder has since recanted most of what is presented here.
    She disavowed anything she told David Icke, but now believes she was programmed using electric shocks in preparation for her meeting with David Icke.
    She's clearly a wackaloon or a delusional fantasist or attention seeker but David Icke eats all this nonsense up.

    This video was recorded in 1999.   How old is she in the video ?    About 32?    That means she was born around 1967.    If she met Mengele she would have been 12 or younger as Mengele is known to have died in Brazil in 1979.
    All these people who have "de-manifested" from humans into reptiles, yet never once, ever – just once, has anyone captured a glimpse of it on video.  Interesting.
    I checked and there are 58 former members of Iron Butterfly !

  8. There's a lot of truth in this documentary, but there is dis-info as well, that supports the bigger lies they have pushed upon humanity… You can tell this woman is a victim of abuse, you can hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes, but they allowed her to live, so she can tell her story… They need people to know, and as I said… there's dis-info within her story, whether she knows this herself, I don't know, but that's the only reason why they allowed her to live, so she can tell us what she 'knows'. Take everything with the grain of salt, and understand… there will never be no 'genuine' truther that would ever be allowed to speak to the public, because they know before hand, they know the kind of person a person will be right at the time of their birth, and if you're even close to being a threat to their thought-matrix that every human being is apart of here on this Earth, they will kill you before you even get started… The powers at be are far more powerful than people realize, and probably will ever realize… and those who begin to find out, the matrix already has them. Human beings don't get a fair shot…

  9. David was only labeled mad because it he challenges what mainstream media produces to us about many events that are mixed with distorted lies. He is also someone who exposes corruption and people who rule the world behind the scenes. This is something the mainstream media despises because they are fed what the elite want them show to the public and most mainstream sources are biased to begin with.

  10. Dear Virgin Mary please ask your son to strike the world I know you have held his arm up for so long. We thirst for justice. Have mercy on us O Lord for the evil has Encompass the entire world the demons have been set free and they roam to see who they can devour Jesus Mary Mercy help St Joseph pray for us

  11. The queen and prince Charles were best friends with Jimmy Saville, they must have known what he was doing for all those years. I’m sure if this was investigated a lot more would be found out about the Windsor blood line.

  12. I wonder if all the UFOs chased and shot down or shot at are extraterrestrials that could help us getting rid of the reptilians? It would make sense that the powers that be keep us from making contact if they could help.

  13. You know this is like a night mare " Wake up world! . These things must happen" as a Christian we believe in the Lord's words that these things must happen but since your hearing it for yourself "Accept Jesus Christ in your life an in your heart" Lets all change our wicked ways an be saved before its too late because Satan's time is getting short..
    God Bless you all…..➕👑❤

  14. Interesting interview.

    Here are three possibilities which spring to mind.

    1. Miss Wilder is telling us the truth, and she has been a classic victim of heinous mind control.

    2. Miss Wilder is a classic victim of schizophrenia.

    3. Miss Wilder is an unfortunate combination of both of the above.

    Before I buy her story, I'd need to have a more detailed account of her life, including testimony from relatives, spouse, children, friends, therapists, etc.

    It's my opinion that anytime a former mind control victim becomes a whistle blower, one must be much more careful than usual to confirm the story, lest one be fooled by the very mind control processes to which the victim claims to have been subjected.

    People like Correy Goode come to mind. As with Miss Wilder, Corey Goode, also a self-proclaimed mind control subject, is notable for extensive and bizarre claims which, to me at least, require equally extensive verification, not facile acceptance based merely on their word.

    Absent careful verification, Goode's and Miss Wilder's claims are just a good story, a story that may be fully fiction, partially fiction, or true, depending.

    As I suggest above, Mr. Goode and Miss Wilder could be schizophrenics tapping into the current zeitgeist of alternative speculation in which the Windsors and every famous person we've ever read about are engaged in a Satanic Ring of outlandish human sacrifice and blood drinking/flesh eating by seven foot, shape-shifting reptilians who have ruled humankind for millennia.

    Their claims constitute exceedingly outrageous stuff requiring extensive verification, which, unfortunately, is generally lacking so far. That doesn't mean Miss Wilder's claims can't be true. It just means that the jury is out.

    The prudent seeker-of-truth will proceed cautiously, I'd think 😉

    Best to All!

  15. I have heard evil chanting on Halloween, not with my ears an couldn't tell what direction from an I Know it wasn't me being crazy because my dog woke up an looked around he's something

  16. Just wanted to point out a correction, Janus is Noah not Nimrod. This is because Noah looks both ways; back to before the flood, and forward after the flood. And, although Nimrod did go to Italy just before he was killed, this was only for a short time (months); whereas, Noah was king in Italy for over a century, so his legacy would have a far more lasting influence there.


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