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  1. My home town. You should see it now. The snow and lights for miles. It takes crews months to decorate for Christmas and it looks beautiful at night. Winter in the falls is stunning.

  2. You know, Tesla was so smart that he stopped work on some of his devices because he understood the dangers they could have on humankind. Not all free energy and communications are safe and they should be properly researched before promoting them. Someone who claims to gain information from "the guys" should surely know this.
    Tesla and his work are no secret these days, you'll find it in comic books, cartoons and computer games. My 5 year old son knows all about Tesla and energy and he's never listened to David Icke. My neighbour and his wife know nothing of Tesla because they watch tv all the time.

  3. The reason the sound quality is poor is because of the prize CHUMP responsible for production of these videos..Jamie Icke. For proof of his monumental chumpness listen to his moronic stint on Richie Allen. If you ever see a pic of the chump you'll see he looks like a demon. Creepy little bastard!

  4. Hey David, that was a great show you put on yesterday in Toronto, very thought provoking to say the least. So happy I was able to attend.

  5. I saw David Icke in Toronto yesterday. Was wonderful seeing him in person and hearing him speak. Was a brilliant presentation. Come back, David, next year to Toronto. I'll be there for sure.


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