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  1. You should have put your face on that picture, instead of the moon. You are a shining beacon and our greatest friend. Together we can bring down the House of Cards. All for one and one for all.

  2. How does this relate to astrological interpretations of The Moon? In esoteric, depth, evolutionary astrology? How does the context Icke speaks of the Moon, bring it to a personal level via astrology? I ask because in my astro Chart, The Moon is the strongest planet in my chart. The ruler of it.

  3. How can stars spin in diferent directions in both poles? Think about it… take a ball, and a piece of paper. try to spin them. Look at the ball spinning. See how both poles of the ball have sky spin in a whirpool(even diferent directions because poles are upside down from each other), and the equator of the ball has an experiance as if it was a treadmill of stars. Now take your flat earth paper. SPIN IT! Whirpoool everywhere. Goes in one direction no matter where you stand on flat earth. Shoker! I don't know about you, but my my sky has a treadmilly appearance. Maybe you guys live in Arctic circle somewhere, that's why you mistake earth being flat so easely…

  4. so Andrew Carnegie really was the first motivational speaker through Napoleon Hill and he told all the secrets that the successful know. and Carnegie did not start out with any advantage in life

  5. this is what NickolaTesla said he said if we only knew that we were little gods part of the creator, just like David is saying we are infinite awareness. well India and the other Eastern civilizations have always known this.

  6. The moon is like a satalite dish which the signals of Saturns rings bounce off and then the moon projects these signals (information about The Matrix) on to earth. Saturn sends out the frequencies needed to keep us in our five sense illusion… that only what we touch, see, taste, hear and smell is real. Otherwise without Saturn, the veil would be lifted. Part of The Matrix is controling and keeping us locked in by a false idea of time which the moon does and much more…

  7. +Tom Mitchell The moons energy controls the tides and its energy also effects the mood of humans. It also makes thunder storms more big and it controls time and cycles. This is where the word month derives from. With an extra o, it would spell moonth and MeNstrual could also derive from the word moon which controls these cycles. The very word mood even sounds like moon. Basically the moon is part of The Matrix as it controls us and keeps us trapped in the five senses and illusory idea of time.

  8. The flat earth conspiracy is silly as whether or not the earth is flat would not make any difference to whether its a prison. Its still a prison regardless. It doesnt need to be flat for that to be the case and the kind of dome David Icke believes in is not a physical one, its an illusory one be… basically when you look up out into space at night with all its stars, its a holographic projection. The same goes for when you are actually out in space. Space is part of The Matrix too.


  10. Its no surprise that Human and animal life are in tune with their local, and not so local environment.
    Its no surprise that our ancestors recognised the importance of the Moon, Sun & stars, as often their lives depended on it.
    Its no surprise that power always gravitates to a few, rather than the many, its always been so.
    Its no surprise that human consciousness is a product of the complexity of brain function, which is biochemical.
    Its no surprise that DNA is a biological coding method that defines Humans animals, & plants
    But thats it !
    In the `modern' world we have time to ponder the infinite if we want to, because life expectancy is greater, and survival is a no brainier.
    People = a resource
    A resource that has to be managed & farmed.
    TRUE democracy is an illusion, religion a control tool ( that can sometimes be benign and helpful )
    As individual people die, those that control our lives, and make decisions for us MUST pass that power on.
    From 1914 onwards Kings and Kingdoms became obsolete.
    Post 1945 the `chosen ones' move in a slow yet relentless way to global government.
    There has been a hiccup, or is it that our masters have decided to change direction ?
    Meanwhile we have to live in this shitty world they have fashioned for us.
    The vast majority just `chow down' consume and breed, or if you are White just consume.
    If you are `blessed' with a reflective mind, you then become your own torturer, you can't win either way


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