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  1. He may not have 100% evidence regarding everything but his overall message is true. Even if you’re a close minded sheep, this should make sense. If you understand simple facts: for example, you work for a company, the manager of that company is working under the owner, the owner is under another and so on. They want to keep us focused and distracted towards bullshit while they suck the life out of us for their own benefits. Well, the system has already started to crumble down and it will be coming to an end sooner than later 🙂

    – A wise sheep

  2. I don't work, I don't pay taxes, I don't own a car or have a home to live in. I don't watch TV or read the papers. I don't recognise the so-called authority that the government thinks it has over me. I roam the country and live off my savings, and can live off just £3.00 per day. I sleep in a small tent, and mostly roam the countryside. People think I'm mad but I don't care in the slightest. Living in the madhouse called society made me seriously depressed. I'm happier now than I've ever been in my 37 years on this planet. I have not a care in the world because I have unplugged from the matrix and spend most of my time in nature. We are not meant to live in cramped, noisy, polluted city's. We are not meant to work our lives away in jobs that we hate, just so we can appear normal and buy all the usual material crap, most of which we do not need anyway. If everyone stopped using their cars for instance then you would take away a massive chunk out of the elites power. If you stopped using banks and stopped getting loans to buy things that you don't really need then this would again take a chunk out of their power. As long as people keep feeding the system, the system will ALWAYS own them.

  3. I really do not try to be judgmental or disrespectful, but what kind of serious proof is it out there that shape shifting reptiles are amongst us. Please give me an intelligent and sincere answer.

  4. David Icke is almost prophet-like in his perception, I value his insights – but he is wrong.

    We are sheep, but we are not being kept in line by other sheep. We are being devoured by wolves. But there is a good shepherd that has paid for us, and he is the ultimate truth. Religion is wrong – David Icke is right about that. The church establishment is responsible for much evil – but they are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are deceivers, and unfortunately they have tarnished the name of the good shepherd. The thumbnail for this video was a lion – fitting, because the Lion of Judah is the only way we can be set free – and I believe he will return soon. God is not a tyrant, he is love – and he wants us to return to his loving arms.

  5. David Icke is talking about the concept of voluntarism. That's what I totally believe in too. Nothing gets done to anyone or taken from anyone without their agreement. It's deep. It requires that we learn to really communicate, listen, make creative solutions, allow others to be themselves but also to stand up strongly to stop anyone imposing their will on others. Awesome, David Icke.

    Honestly, I observe that if many of us defy, then many of us will die. The controllers don't care, and they're happy to maim & kill anyone. In fact, as we know, they are bloodthirsty in the extreme, literally, and they enjoy it. They wish to depopulate the planet anyway. I'm a Christ follower, so my perspective is a bit different from his. Icke is reminding me of the disciples in the NT in the bible who kept thinking that Jesus had come only to lead a military coup against Roman fascism. Jesus kept getting it across to them that the kingdom is within, it's primarily spiritual & relational rather than being only military & political.

    That being said, I would definitely defy, and I am willing to die. I won't knowingly give control… and I live an extremely simple, non-mainstream life.


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