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  1. Wow there seemed to be thousands of people at this presentation, sad part is they are all clapping and cheering yet they left and continued their lives as usual, going to work, paying taxes, consuming……..our strength is in unity, and non compliance.

  2. So where is the way out? Do we all jack in our job and write books ,?there are 60million+ of us here in the UK. I dont understand this crap. Millions of us do jobs we dont like or we end up on the streets begging . I understand the system ike is talking about ,so TELL us the WAY OUT without resorting to mumbo jumbo., and mind games. Or have i got to get drugged out of my skull to understand his reality.?

  3. When I see the footage of 911 I can't believe that people aren't outraged that our government would kill so many people. This guy has the balls to speak about how we are getting fucked. I agree with everything he says. The truth hurts..and it will also set you free.

  4. i will folow you david as i have bien since i was fourteen .what so called pur english laoygh at me even some of my familly called me crazy. people say this is thwe good life. am with you .up up up david.who is laoughing now .my thought my opinion.

  5. How true, during the Egyptian Dynasty of the ancient world intervowen into Tammuz Worship, Jesus Christ only was born :- 1,800 AFTER those ancient world empires! yet all over people worship these black gods and call him falsely Jesus?…… and Isis and horus madonna and child…… they call mary and Baby Jesus. Orsiris or Tammuz Ezek 8:13-14, + 16-17 they worship Tammuz with his Ank or cross! but who is the true God?

    WHY can YOU and I TRUST in Jehovah's ULTIMATE power?

    400 billion suns just in our own Galaxy according to science!    NO ONE can count all the Stars/suns in the universe!   

    Yet Jehovah know each star's name AND  maintaining it over  zillions of years……. We humans take it for granted.        YET,  Jehovah the UNSEEN GOD is the source of ALL energy!!!!    …

    Consider the amount of energy he gives to our sun only……. A science writer said …..each SECOND our sun produces as much energy as the explosion of    billions of atomic bombs!

    Meaning according to science 1 second of the suns energy can supply ALL the people of the world with energy/electricity that can last them for 200,000 years?!!!    NOTE ONLY IN 1 SECOND………       QUESTION… NOBODY ASKED YET………    WHAT OXYGEN SOURCE IS NEEDED TO CAUSE SUCH A GREAT ENERGY FOR 1 SECOND?          AND WHERE IS IT PRODUCED?


    WHO CAN RIP YOU or me OUT OF THE HAND OF SUCH AN AWESOME  ALL MIGHTY  and POWERFUL GOD?  PSALM 91…. iF We take refuge in HIS SHADOW!    Who can hurt you or me?   Who can fight against us?    Yehovah is his awesome name spelled fully in 1,010 manuscripts of the DEAD SEA SCROLLS.   See YouTube to confirm it!    Nehemiah Gordon a Hebrew Scholar and Historians ……JEWISH  orthodox…. Who research and work with the dead sea scrolls…….   Will confirm that the Dead Sea scrolls have GODS fully written NAME!      YEHOVAH Is His name…….

    Indeed He promised we can take Refuge in HIS NAME during calamity!   Wonderful dont you think?       Love to all,   DONT FEAR…… His angels camp around us, ready to act when we need them…

    Question is.    Do you KNOW and worship him according to HIS requirements?       Or do you only KNOW about his existence?    Time to act now to learn to know him and become his friend… enjoy His protection!

    Subject: Video | David Schafer: Survive the Great Day of The Unseen God? (Rev. 16:16) Rev 18:2-9+24 | THE END OF THIS Corrupt Blood guilty System!  To be delivered by Jesus to cross over into the NEW RESTORED Earth!   Paradise earth!

  6. I just hope he didnt just choose the time when people are becoming already conscious and he is just choose the proper time to speak , Im watching a lot of Icke and just hoping he is not 1 of the people who British agency tell to speak , I see the truth behind his words, pls David I hoppe u are not 1 of them

  7. The main reason I think this guy is not telling real deep truth is that he is still alive. If he was on track for truth he would be dead already.. And he says fear is an illusion, bollocks, he's obviously never had a gun pointed at his head. Or the troops of a totalitarian regime going house to house on his street taking people from their homes and/ or shooting them. Fear is a useful survival mechanism, an alarm to show us that there is danger about. He's arguing that the threat isn't a threat. That is why he's alive probably. He serves the people he criticises by arguing that they are not a threat if we don't believe they are. He herds sheeple into naivety by pretending he spreads wisdom.

  8. david should tour through america again NOW!!! and do this exact presentation again… this one of all is pertinent.. reptilian and archons are too far out for some people, but this is simply inspiring and hard to not hear and feel as genuine and authentic

  9. Icke don't talk about Jews ,Jews ambushed planet earth , in every government Jews in charge ,also by Jews secret books tora talmud tanax , say's the best is goym must to be killed

  10. This whole talk is so on point. every quote… just liberating 🙂
    does anyone know what his solutions were?
    he stated dancing at protests but thats the only concrete thing I picked up…

  11. He's just a football commentator desperate to prove he's got an intellect which he hasn't.

    What better illustration of the fact that Icke is nothing but a pretentious maleducated fraud than the fact he pronounces "exponential" as "expedential".

    That's how STUPID and jumped-up he really is.

    His intellect is non-existent. Which is exactly as expected from someone whose "career" consisted of football commentary.
    Anyone who looks up to David Icke is a clinical imbecile.


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