1. David Icke is spot on.
    Terry Wogan taking the piss, is shameful…especially after the Jimmy Savile debarcle.
    The BBC were instrumental as an organisation in keeping their friends close and their enemies closer.
    BBC are shit scared of the truth, as they don't want to be implicated. End of.

  2. David Icke researches his theories stringently I do think the reptilian thing is a bunch of shite but what a clever piece of marketing from him how many people came to know David icke and his theories from that mad claim and now have opened their eyes 👏

  3. A million Big Brother Cameras are allowed see? But one Privately Owned Independent camera is not. Do you think the towers might be for clandestine reptile meets. Perhaps one or more participants return to underground, eh? I already know their are connecting tunnels of various sorts.

  4. 20 years ago, when I was trying to talk to some about his book..

    I was ridiculed, called conspiracy theorist, insulted, laughed at, and even punched on the face (just for questioning) the norm.

    What happened to me, back in 1996, and ever since..was just a minuscule level of humiliation compared to this man has been trough.

    Sir David, )). The year is 2017, and let me tell you something…..They are not laughing now!!!!!!!

  5. Hi does anyone know who the track or artist of the mucsic that is played at 15.01 I have been trying to find out for years now without any luck many thanks anyone that can help

  6. Thank u so much David for still sharing the information even after years of insult by host of the tv shows and audiences. It would be difficult to find a replacement if u stopped. (Thank u also for posting this film)

  7. We're so concrete conditioned (not our fault) to only believe in things we can see, it takes about 15 years of consistent proof to accept there is something in the spectrum we don't see. The only exception is early childhood where we respond to our world by exploring it and we are more aware of possibilities that are quickly shunned by our parents.

  8. In the year 1854-5 The Queen of England, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had a Swiss cottage built called the Osborne House on the Isle of Wight well away from the Main house. The official His-story say's this was a Place for the Queen's Children to learn the basic skills of everyday life, What's odd is what they called a Dairy room just off the kitchen that had been sealed off when the house was opened to the Public (Why would they seal off a so called Dairy), It was found and recently opened and restored to find a tiled room just like the kitchen complete with a drainage system in the floor, I can only Imagine the Horrors that took place there knowing now the Appetite of the English/Swiss Aristocracy for Children.…/…/secret-swiss-cottage/

  9. pam looks like she wants out…after seeing that…fact is he was clearly suffering from mental illness on wogan…he is no longer saying he is jesus christ, so in reality david icke has changed his tune…
    He has basically spent his life trying to prove he is not mad, but fact is ..he hasnt managed that….we know he did lose the plot, and he hasnt managed to pull it back and reclaim his shame…
    he is still ashamed, and this enitre david icke thing is basically about getting rid of the shame…he is ashamed of that young man david on wogan…still..he is ashamed that he wasnt man enough not to lose the plot, he embarassed himself and he is still embarassed about those days, he needs a big find or something so he can say i told you so…something strange…
    the banks are robbing us…wontcut it…he needs somehing much much bigger

  10. David Icke, ur the effing man!!! stay strong, hold ur head up proud! U stood for what u believed in and u have made a tremendous difference in our society!
    Mad props to ur wife also, she must be as strong and as amazing of a person as u r!!

  11. People are so narrow minded it's all a coz while MPs suck the resources out the country and sell us out ruin our children's minds all for a pretty penny we are not free they just want us to think we're free demand the truth don't just say yes REVOLUTION !!!!

  12. ROFL he interlectually destroys the police over CCTV – yes haha!

    Hes inspiring. We all have this desire to just conform and do what others tell us and what we believe will be socially acceptable. Its just fear, its childish, David has helped us all grow.

    The effort he puts into his work is astounding.


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