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  1. Thanks a million David, I have been racking my brain in the search for a term to describe a skeptic, and the only thing I could come up with was FEAR, and Voila, you hit the nail on the head it's Cognitive Dissidance.

  2. eindelijk ken ik mensen in mijn omgeving uitleggen wat ik voel en waarom ik mijn leven lben gaan leiden zoals ik nu ben gaan doen maar eindelijk ken ik die gevoelens uitleggen in woorden want elke keer als ze dan vragen waarom ik zo ben gaan leven ken je dat niet verwoorden thank you david icke zelfs mijn moeder heb ik al steeds meer wakkerder gekregen dan dat ze was

  3. In my country we're forced to vote. I want to do a protest vote by writing CORRUPTION in big on the ballot, but apparently that will only lead to my "vote" going to the majority. Which I do not want. But not voting at all… I don't know. You can get a criminal record if you don't. I'm not brave enough to do that. I know I know, no fear. But I haven't reached that point yet. I'm still in the process of waking up. I'm still struggling to comprehend it all. I agree that our numbers would make a difference, but not enough people are awake yet. You say not to hate THEM but how can we not when the people we love are still fully entranced by their lie? When most of the world is still suffering? The thought of knowing so much food gets thrown away in our society while on the other side of the world people are starving… it's only one of so many examples that make me so incredibly sad and feel powerless.

  4. Keep it up David. You are the modern philosopher warrior. I used to see your books in the far back of the bookstore and now everyone is starting to wake up from the controlled sleep. Well done.

  5. Mr. Icke. Thank you so much. These are things I knew already. I really appreciate your confirmation. I am a PhD from the projects with no family system and I am strong and Awake. I have been through a lot and understand everything your saying. Be blessed and may your work continue to reach billions. Again, thank you much love and appreciation.

  6. As interesting as this stuff can be, never trust a visionary who sells tickets to tell stories that "awaken" you.

    Ideal is the subject as no facts are required. Only vivid concepts to excite and feed the superstitious or conspiracy worriers.


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