Disney’s Moana – Heralding The Return Of The Nephilim & The Opening Of The Bottomless Pit

Disney’s not hiding ANYTHING as they’re showing & telling us all IN PLAIN SIGHT what’s about to take place on this earth. It’s already been prophesied in the Bible 1000’s of years ago & things are about to come to pass. This is anything but a children’s movie, but more about programming the masses for the return of the fallen angels & their offspring, the Nephilim. Yeshua/Jesus said that the days in which He returns would be like the days of Noah. And what was taking place in those days? THE FALLEN ANGELS MATING WITH THE DAUGHTERS OF MAN, CREATING DEMI-GODS OR THE NEPHILIM! These creations were NEVER sanctioned by Abba YHWH as only HE is the Creator of life. Satan wants to not only counterfeit God’s Works but also wants to destroy the human race. Sadly, the world elites are on the same page as Lucifer.

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