False Flags And Fake Revolutions – David Icke, I had been watching the understandable euphoria in Egypt live on Al Jazeera television, but please, there must be a sense of perspective here….



  1. the most common false flag attack was the attack on the world trade center. The patsy used was himself and there is no possible way without any inside help that he could get the job done with his so called terrorists.

  2. So happy to hear someone from western country says the truth about what is happening in the middle east, because when i try to tell some one in Sweden for example where i live people look at me as if i am in a state of halusination, they always say that there war in the middle east only because people are low educated or stupid or for whatever reason, yes that might be true, but still evil people are planning very cleavely, and all the countries around israel are destroyed but not israel they are living theirs happiest days

  3. My heart goes out to you Mr.Icke, you have really helped bring clarity to a chaotic world, you stand for logic, reason and information I am proud to tell people I listen to your work, because it speaks for itself.

  4. Arab nations were assaulted via masonic slave dictators that lead their countries and put societies in poverty and lowest level of life. Then after some decades, they solve the situation with harder assaults.

  5. You are right about some stuff Icke, but you straight up steal Bill Hicks jokes and wanted Brexit but deny Trump and other patriots fighting for the freedom of their OWN countries. False prophet!

  6. Why has Trump NOT stopped the aerial spraying that is poisoning us the people he claims to love & screwing up our normal weather patterns . " Make America Great Again " My ass. Has he ever mention the subject ?. It would be truer to fact to say " Make America Sick/Dead again " ~Maranatha~ p.s. I just heard/saw B1/B2 stealth bombers spraying Chem trails.

  7. Have you listened to Dr Carol Rosin on the plan to weaponise space, she was on a board as a space consultant (don't recall her title). She heard them planning the wars in the middle east about a decade before 9/11.

  8. It's a remake of the history. In the past, the roman empire conquered lands and the roman people have distraction at the Coliseum. Now, we have all distraction in US from sports to movies industry while the elite make their little dirty shit.

  9. 911 was a inside job the twin Towers Building 7 were all Rigged & ready to go Bless all them people who were just at work on that day what do they have in plan next ..? everything started from 911

  10. I'm 45y from meddle east. and I can say Mr. Icke, you are right from early days, but the painful truth people don't like to accept, still they give there full ears to what ever white house say's and accept it as god word.
    and after all those lies from Vietnam war until present days, they keep there eyes closed for that and accept whatever white house saying to them as a fact. it's obviously mind control, or you could say, a remote control for worldwide governments. Master and slave. that simple. and most people follow their governments. my god help our kids in there future and what's hidden for them.

  11. How does he manage to wake up do many people and publicly talk about such critical topics without getting banned from youtube or the government so he has no space to speak up and share his thoughts?? It looks a bit too suspicious for me.

  12. Let me guess, by reading that obvious title: you OBVIOUSLY imply that the Trump win was all orchestrated.

    NEWSFLASH RETARD: Donald J Trump has no scales.

    He is 1000x more brave than your rat arse and is willing to put his life on the line for the american people.

    You are no different than the establishment and I hope you and your pathetic followers come to terms and realize that just because you cheer against the system doesn't make necessarily right, this time WE WON, WE WON FOR REAL. THROUGH HARD WORK, ACCESSING OUR REAL ENEMIES, CONSERVATIVE VALUES, NOT YOU. WE NEVER NEEDED YOU,.

    It's easy to sit there and bitch about how all the conservatives and lefties are all the same, REALITY, THEY ARE NOT!

    We acknowledge real enemies, palpable fears, you COWER BEHIND ALIENS AND INVISIBLE PRODUCTS.



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