Who is this giant Japanese man caught on film in 1889? Is he part of the Nephilim, is this evidence Annunaki are real? Welcome back Hoax Factor Friends its Cary and today I’m here with another…



  1. Dude, I just can't work anymore!! Keep watching one video after the other!! And I gotta say: I can't care less to these hoaxes, your videos are just so fucking funny!!!!! Please, keep it up!!! You're my new personal hero!!!!

  2. The producers of "Big Man Japan", must have been the best CGI makers back then, before they even had computers! Better than most American filmmakers are today. Sorry atheist, I think the film strip was real and then used to make the movie, "Big Man Japan"!

  3. FAKE AND GAY!!!!! This bloke is quite short at only 6 foot 5 try seeing the tallest EVER REAL NEPHILIM GIANT IN THE USA ROBERT PERSHING LUDOW 8 FOOT 11 his height is proven MAKES THIS MAN LOOK SHORT LOL

  4. The modern film is cgi , the old one does not look computer generated to me . I think someone is trying to cover up the truth , though the giant in the 1890.film looks Caucasian. I would need more proof to disprove the old movie . On dating when filming started officially , the might have been filming going on earlier maybe experimental. Just guessing .

  5. I dont know if this is genuine or a hoax …but to believe that the Nephilim never existed or that
    giants were rare is to be naive and ignorant. There is so much proof..(.filled with verifiable fact ) now it becomes a matter of whether one continues to swallow the governments info…..or investigates it thoroughly for themselves.


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