Truly incredible. What or what could this be? When was this made? Who is responsible for this outrage? LOL.



  1. I could see the CG almost instantly. I don't get how people can't tell the difference. I mean, my aunt once told me that she can't tell the difference between classical animation and CGI. like what the what?

  2. They've taken a little person and tried to pass him off as a Big person! A really big person!
    It's dumb shit like this that allow us to use it as an IQ test of sorts. At least we know that anyone who believes this shit, or tries to pass it off as real. We can give them a helmet and a sign. Then elect them to office. Ugh!

  3. Thanks for the video as always Phil. Been a fan for years!

    btw if you wanna see some "paranormal" footage that will make your head spin (and HURT lol), search:
    Toy Skeleton haunted and possessed – This Is Demonic Crazy


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