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  1. No, that is absolutely not true. Enoch does not say Noah was born from one of the fallen angels. Noah had eye shine and he glowed with the light of God, just as Christ and the apostles did when they were on the Mount of Transfiguration. In Enoch 105:15, Enoch tells Methuselah that "this child which is born TO YOUR SON shall survive on the earth… Then, in Enoch 105:20-21, Enoch tells Methuselah, "And now, my son, go tell your son, Lamech, that the child which is born IS HIS CHILD IN TRUTH, and that there is no deception."

  2. There's some 'guy' who quickly downvotes your viedos the SECOND their Uploaded! It's OBVIOUS this person does NOT even view them! What's the story with this guy??? He (she) has a problem with your subject matter? Or maybe a deeper problem (…in their head!!!)


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